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How much level of asking questions you will be measuring before you able to say that the person is annoying? I was called an "Annoying Girl" for asking too many questions. A person allows me to ask questions on things I didn't know at work. I ask question so that I can make things right on our report. Then I caught someone talking about me saying that I am always annoying. Am I being annoying for asking too many questions when a person allows me to ask question for further understanding?
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Well, as long as the person's questions are reasonable and justified, it would be very wrong to label the person to be annoying.

Its only when someone asks baseless questions that doesn't make any sense at all, then I would consider such person as being an annoying person. 

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There is something that I have noticed about human interaction and that is the fact that there is always that time where you will be pushed to the wall as you are trying to relate in a better way with the rest of the people.

That is something that I am looking at when we are talking about someone claiming that you are an annoying person. Asking too many questions instead of having a good conversation with the person that you are talking with may look as if you are pestering them and that can somehow look annoying to them.

It is imperative for us to see reasons for us to understand that when we are talking with people, we should create room for them to contribute to the discussion and not basically on asking them questions and expecting an answer from them at that moment as it may turn out to be annoying to them.
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It is an orientation about a report and the leader wants us to ask question so that we do everything right when we started. I asked a lot of question because statistic is hard for me, but then someone said I am annoying. Maybe we all have levels of being annoying and not all people understand us. 
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At work,we have freedom to ask for certain task that we doubt or we don't know about. And it's part of the work environment, my manager before likes me because I will always for something that I didn't know about that company especially if we new to the tasks. It will be considered annoying or you can be called as annoying if you ask the same question repeatedly or the same tasks that given and you keep asking for it when they give you already a hint or an idea. For me I will get annoyed if my partner keep asking me the same question over and over again even I already answered. The tendency is we forget what the answer was and we asked again, second is okay but third and so on is considered annoying because why would you keep asking the same question or relatable question over and over again. If this person get annoyed because you asked,maybe she doesn't want to offer a help.
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For my problem, I am not asking the same question but on how to do the report because I know it will be hard on me. Yes of course, if you ask the same question over and over, it would be very annoying. 
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It this context of expressing annoyance, it is inconsiderate for the person to be referring to you as always annoying. Even though we all have different level of tolerance to which we can take anything from somebody, it's still unfair on his/her part to do so.

However, for you been called annoying for asking questions in a repeated manner, it is not nice. Owing to the fact that you were only trying to get clarification on something you didn't understand, makes it insensitive on the part of the individual that called you annoying.
In spite the fact that there is limit to human tolerance, so it is to human understanding. It's not everybody that have the same level of understanding. There are those that are slow to uptake while some are very quick in doing so. For this reason, the person shouldn't have called you annoying instead tolerate your level of understanding so that you can grasp what's been explained.
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I agree, I think they just don't understand the feeling of doing your report and you don't have a clue on how to do it, and when you ask those person who called me annoying, they cannot give me the right answer, so I am never relying on them and annoy the team leader for my questions.
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The fact still remains that not everyone can like or love our personality.And as such someone can find you annoying for just being sociable or asking questions like you just stated. So if we come to terms with this we will be able to accommodate even people that finds us annoying or finding them annoying.
For your own case I think I can relate a bit maybe you ask questions that sounds a bit off as in questions that the answers are glaring but you just want to ask maybe to comfirm the answers already in your head but others wouldn't see it that way,they believe you're just trying to delay them and maybe asking repetitive questions

So it might not just be about asking the questions some people might not just like your person and your frequent questions.
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Nope, on my part, I really don't have any idea about statistic that is why I am asking too many questions because the people around me will surely don't bother to help me once the report started. 
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It is very correct for you to be asking for clarifications at work when you do not understand certain things. In fact, that is they way to go. If it isn't the person that you ask questions that is finding you annoying, then, you have less to worry about.
You need to keep a few things in mind before you go asking questions. Sometimes, the person you ask may not really be in that frame of mind and you may come off like a pest especially when they are busy doing a few other things. Don't ask the same questions repeatedly and always keep it reasonable and moderate. Do not do it in a way that they have to always stop and attend to you over their work.
In essence, make sure they aren't busy. You can't go wrong by asking questions. You are doing the right thing.
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I keep your advises in mind and I will do that. In my situation, I am asking questions on things I don't know and the team leader gave me the answer. I think the find me annoying because I am only the person who is asking a questions.

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