Almost all doctors are married to a doctor only. It's very rare to see a doctor married to someone else other than a doctor. What could be the reason behind it?
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This could happen because they met in medical school. They fell in love and helped each other out to pass medical school. Another reason could be because a doctor knows how hard it is and they keep very long hours. Only another doctor could accept the work schedule and try to build a relationship with their partner.
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Yes. The above said is the most valid reason I consider. Thanks for your answer.
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Maybe, because they have the same passion, and it is to save people. It would be illogical if majority of doctors marry lawyers. Doctors, marry doctors because they can easily understand each other. They can even help each other out when it comes to difficult medical situation. If I just pursued medicine, I would have married my own doctor too. LOL!
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I think the most probable reason for this is because they met while in school then fell in love another probable reason might be, they met in the work place.

Am I not with this idea of people with same career marrying each others. Its good if a doctor can marry and engineer or someone from another field so that they can help each other in some extra home jobs.

For instance an engineer and a doctor are a perfect match.In case of issues dealing with electricity,the engineer can handle it and in case anyone falls sick in the house the doctor can take the role.This is a perfect match,helping each other out.
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I once heard from our family doctor saying: Don't marry doctor as it is one of the profession who wouldn't  spend much on his/her time at home. WHy? Because they are always on call when it comes to their duty and spend more time treating their patients. SO from that point of view coming from them, marrying their own co-doctors is ideal as there is a possibility that they can work with each other in the same hospital even if they are in diff. department. 

Although some doctors marry nurses and/or their secretaries too. :D

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In any relationship there should be understanding and care between the couple, when they both are from same career ,its easy to build up good relationship than the normal ones ,I think that might be a reason for the doctor marrying doctor.

Doctor marrying doctor can also good to build understanding between them ,when they spend more time at hospital than other petson can understand the situation , mostly where there is there will be understanding .. personally I don't there is will be serious reason for this other than love :)
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They don't always but I would say the main reason is common interest. Who better to understand the life of a doctor than another doctor. Doctors are usually intellectual so even if they don't marry another doctor they would need someone they found mentally stimulating'

My doctor is married to a teacher and says he can't think of anything worse than going home to talk about medical issues so they agree not to talk about their work when they are relaxing together.
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It is because when a doctor marries a doctor, it will be professionally helpful to both of them. Both will understand their work and time constraints and the work challenges. When both husband and wife are doctors, it will definitely reduce unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings between the couples.
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Most couple met at the University or work place. So if a doctor fall in love with a fellow doctor and eventually they settle in marriage it's simply because;  they met in the school of medicine or they met at the work place. It is confirmed that those who date at a tertiary level of studies have a higher chances of settling in marriage. This does not only occurs to doctors only but other profession as well. 
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Well, I'll tell you why doctors marry doctors in my country. We have a big exam during our last year in high school and the marks we get in that exam will determine what we're going to study in university. It's the biggest exam of our school lives and it has a great meaning in our society. Being a doctor is the dream of most everyone in my country. If you ask any student, they'll tell you they want to go to medical school. Because everyone wants to go to medical schools but there are not that many positions, the ministry had to only accept those with big marks in their exams. So the winners will have to have a big mark /20 for them to be able to study medicine. This has created this concept that being a doctor is better than anything and that doctors are better people and a doctor has to marry a doctor so that they'd keep their social status and respect. It's stupid, I know.
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Doctor marry doctor can be related to birds of the same feathers flocking together. They usually think that their profession unite them as couples. Instead of marrying another person from a different profession why not just tie the knot with someone that we have something common.
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Funny how people of the same career get married, but love does not choose who to marry, or from what career, love just happens. and when it does you go with the flow you never force love to work.
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This sounds funny. But It could happen. I have also seen many like this. The reason behind this might be they think If both are same profession, they can do work-life balance better. But not all doctors marry doctors. In some cases it would happen with different reasons. 
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Doctors would always be with the company of another doctor and so there is a high probability that you'll fall in love with someone who you always see, talk and work together. From there attraction can start and eventually develop into love and may end up in marrying each other. Besides, who else would better understand the complexity of a doctor's professional life than another doctor or health worker.  
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It is not likely to happen. Some doctors prefer to have partnered with the same field. It is because they can understand each other. But then, it can be a boring marriage. Since they knew what is running in their minds. We cannot generalize this matter because not all doctors are not married to partners who are doctors, too.
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This is because they have  them ngs in common which makes them to like each other. You can't expect a doctor to marry a musician since they are in different fields they have different likes and it is even impossible for them to meet. It is also because a doctor and a musician meeting and spending much time together is difficult. Romantic relationships  are based on two people having a type of bond between them so it will be difficult to no d if you are from completely different fields. You also attract your own type that is why people marry  people who do similar things to them.
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I think they willl understand each other more better

Or just because after 10 years studying

They don't have time to be in relations so

Doctors to doctors
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