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Online betting is a very big trend in the world today. A lot of people engage in it and the lucky ones wins millions of dollars.

Do you play online betting? 
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Never tried and I don't want to try, there are some companies selling bet keep inviting ne through email but I just ignored it.

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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 17 68
I don't leave my life to luck or gamble when it comes to making money both online and offline.Yes,betting is trending now and I believe it for those that are lazy and just want to laze around or else one wouldn't want to make money by chance and waste a life full of nothing.

I will never try any form of betting no matter how the organizers would presch about it just a trap for the gullible to spend and waste the little they have. Nothing is certain with betting and the whole system is set to make huge money for the owners that is why we have so many of them now with different names trying to lure people to partake and promising to pay them so much when they win, therefore giving them failed hope. I will rather work my whole life than gamble.
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That's the truth as one should not be thinking that we can make a whole lot of money just by playing bets. It is risky and not something that you are sure that it will bring success to you. 
replied by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 17 68
Truthfully I really used to doubt those that come up with the stories of making mullions with just a small sum.i think they're part of the promoters and nothing more. 
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answered by LEGEND (6,082 points) 7 22 49
Frankly speaking, betting is not my thing. I don't just like playing it, and I don't know why. Maybe because I have never taken time out to know how it can be played. I am not against those who are into it but how some are been lured into it. I usually see most of them visiting betting houses to play. Some also make use of the phones in doing so.

But for me, My passion does not go with playing of betting, especially how it has taken over everywhere we turn this days. They are just pervasive to the point you barely pass a street where there's no betting house. And to make matter worst, online betting websites are increasingly taking over the web space. As it stands, it seems they are been replicated at alarming rate on daily basis. They are using various forms of advertisement to bait youths to patronize them. And the youths on their own are been preyed upon by these sites without some of them seeking for a tangible source of livelihood but betting.
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I don't play betting games both online and offline.  No doubt it is one of the most trending ways of making money since it involves gambling with no stress other than your ability to risk your money in it.
I have seen lots of people who don't have any other source of income or job other than playing bets both online and offline,  however, I have taken a close study of the game,  I discovered that those who are playing it are in hundreds of millions globally while those that makes good money from it without loosing are only ten thousands which shows that more people loose while very few makes money from it.  It is not allowed in some countries legally.
I have never play it and I pray not to engage in it cos it addiction is disastrous.
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Really, it is a sensation and trending? I tried it before when I was no aware of the consequence. I go for the free ones. The non free ones need your credit card and it should be Visa or Master Card. I have both of the cards but I didn't try because I am afraid of the hidden charges. I go for reviews before trying out the paid online betting. I never experienced to pay to bet online. I only do it for free. I just want to experience it before. It was little fun when you win but I get bored. Some are scammed by the sites and unfortunately, they had used their cards. Some sites tell everyone that when you win, you could win a very good amount so everyone will be influence to try, but it never happened to me because I am afraid. I win sometimes but I don't get anything as the bet is for free.

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