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I have seen some men brutally beat up their wives. This act is mostly done by the illiterate ones because they don't know how to control their emotions. 

They just make a habit for it and keep abusing their wives. 
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I don't really enjoy looking at some men beat their wives. That is simply wickedness of the highest order. I mean no matter what she did, she doesn't deserve to be beaten.
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I think there should be a law in place against wife battery I don't get why one should beat up his own wife that's ridiculous.

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It is practically wrong for a man to beat his wife for any reason because there are many ways to discipline a woman that are more reasonable and mature than beating her which eventually attract public attention.
It is very important for partners to know each other dislikes and also weakness before they come together as man and wife,  if a man is hot tempered and he has a lousy lady as a wife obviously beating won't stop, because they are not compatible and are not able to manage their imperfections.
The effects of alcohol is also another great cause of men beating their wives because if a man is drunk he is off his senses and any little wrong by his wife could trigger his anger to lay his hands on her,.

Beating of wife is not only in illiterates it is also exist in the learned class too if understanding doesn't exist.
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Acohol you say but that same man will walk past a fellow man even if he annoys him and go pummeled his wife.i think it more of who has the most strength and we men knows he will always have the upper hand with women.
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That is true any ways because men always believe they are stronger than their wives regardless their mental state. 
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Definitely it more of an Ego thing from time past where women were seen as the weaker sex and shouldn't respond to any thrash thrown to her by the malefolks.So it doesn't have much to do with habits.
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That is domestic violence. I don't think that it is mostly the illiterate ones that beat their wives. You'll be shocked to know that some highly educated and respected men in the society also beat up their wives.

This happens all around the world and I feel like such men are weaklings. For a man to actually raise his hand against his wife shows that all the power he really has lies in his fist. That he can't Command respect, love, compassion and patience and all that real strength is.

Nobody owns any soul to do as they please. I think why it is common around here is because these men feel like they have some sort of leash around the women. They feel like these women are nothing without them. Like some sort of Messiah and it is true to a large extent because the women are highly dependent on such men.
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Well stated I will never support wife battery no matter the situation,what happens to ignoring option.I know women can be very violent with the mouth, use same or walk away. 
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Nobody was born that way. What are the factors that makes a persons nature? It is all the things that they get accustomed to while growing up. Behavioural patterns that were picked up at some point. It is a cumulative effect of one's exposure.  

Having said all of that, every single thing learned in life can be unlearned. Every bad habit however difficult can be dropped. It doesn't do justice to the strength of a grown man to say that they can't change those things. 
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You're still saying the same thing. Let me make it much simpler to understand, maybe you'll get the point. 

Let's say there's a heated moment of arguments going on between a man and wife. The same type of argument is also going on between man and wife B ans C. Now we all agree that no amount of uncontrolled temper should push a man into beating his wife, regardless of the situation. 

Man A decided to take your option of walking away because his of a phlegmatic temprament. This kinds of people are known quiet and easy going. They're sympathetic and care about others though they often like to hide their emotions. 

Man B doesn't walk away. He argues all the way and refuses to back down because his a sanguine by temprament. These types of people are talkative and very loud. They are extroverted by nature. But eventually he takes your other option of ignoring everything said and maybe walk away too because of his other personality traits. 

Man C however does not ignore nor walk away because his choleric by temprament. These types of people are strictly extroverted, decisive and goal oriented. They enjoy being in charge at every situation and would not hesitate to take control by any means. Man C is also bad tempered and unfortunately grew up around violent behaviors. He results to hitting his wife because his personality lacks the ability to control an emotional outburst. 

Do you get the point now? Everybody has different personalities and reacts differently to situations. I made this illustration to try and explain why some men result to violence and not because am trying to justify the wrongful act of beating women. 
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@keibah...personalities are not habits that can be dropped if you choose to. Habits and personality are two different things. As much as people can try hard to change certain things about themselves, certain other traits which revolves around behavioral pattern can not be changed. And besides, this the point I made on my original answer which you disputed. 
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Personality or habit, nobody was born with it. A person whose personality makes him hurt another person should be checked. The point is not just having such personality but choosing to accept it like it is, is all shades of wrong. 
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 17 73
I can totally relate because my cousin just got beaten up by her husband not too long ago.Do you say it done by illiterates I don't think so because even the literates does same and my cousin husband is an engineer with some topnotch certifications and degrees.I dont even think  it even about one's educational level it more of one's emotional level.

A wife beater is a wife beater no matter how good looking, intelligent or smart he looks.i think they're the ones that can't managed their anger or temperament.No man has the right to physically assault the wife no matter what.i see those kind of men as very violent people and they should be a law in place to fight this menace.Alot of wonen are being beaten up daily by men and it should be stopped by the law.
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It's good to see that we agree on the same point that men who beat their wives do so out of uncontrolled temper which is naturally a part of them. Some of these men might be doing great in other aspects of life. My point is, do such men deserve harsh punishment from the law for simply being who they are? 

I like that you also brought up the issue of women beating up men too. Why isn't anyone talking about it? 
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Yes they deserved harsh punishment because that's violating another person which shouldn't be acceptable by law.Check those men even with a Bossy female boss at work,they will not dare beat her up even if she annoys them,why do they control their anger then but unleash anger when their wives anger shows they just want to fan  their Ego simple. 
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Your question makes it sound like the habit of beating women from an uncontrolled temper is exhibited only by illeterate men. Temper has nothing to do literacy. And education isn't a model for controlling one's temper. This type of rage can be exhibited by any ill tempered man. Come to think of it, situations like this always doesn't involve men with bad tempers, i've seen a completely normal behaved man beat his wife before. Whatever the characters involved in any such situation, nothing can be excused for beating one's wife.

Men who indulge in the act of beating their wives shouldn't be given names as I see a lot of commenter state below. This is a completely normal behavior. No two men can have the same personality. It's bound that some men will always go beyond the acceptable standards of correct behaviors. Even those who do not beat their wives and are able to control their tempers in heated moments, do so with a lot of effort.

Women we all know are very hard to deal with, so let's not pretend like a man enjoys beating his wife as a hobby or for no reason. Don't get me wrong, i do not in any way adorn men who beat their wives, am only trying to draw you a mental picture of situations that compel men into such act, men who are not strong enough to handle heated moments without physically reacting. So maybe sometimes instead of capitalizing on the cowardly act of beating up a wife, we should also look at the reason that led to the situation and also the personalities involved. By doing so, we might in some way be able to help improve the behaviors of persons involved.
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No, please no situations or heated argument should make anyone go physical. I hope people will soon come to terms with the fact that we gain nothing by going physical with anyone. Settling a problem amicably does a better job of any heated situation. 
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Yes. I agree that violence isn't a good way to react in any given situation. But you know, talk or orientation can barely do anything about it. People are naturally born to being violent. And this is the case with some situations when certain men beat up their wives. It's not because they enjoy it, they simply can't control themselves because they think violence is the only way to make a statement. I hope you're getting the point, it all has to do with our different personality behaviors. 
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That's why we have the word self-control. You can't stand the heat then walk out that's what real men do. They don't go on a beating spree and anger can be controlled. 
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This is really a difficult question for anyone to provide apt answer to. It still gets me perplex why these men are still seeking violent means to resolve conflicts between themselves and their wives. Personally, I thought the issue of husbands beating their wives as been a thing of the past. I am so taken aback that some are still perpetuating this barbaric practice.

As far as I am concerned, any man that raise his hands on his wife is not worthy to be called a man, because real men that were brought up by real women can't engage in beating up their wives. I don't care to know the offense of the woman, whether she insulted or disrespected the man, it is not enough for the man to lay his hands on her.

There is no justification for domestic violence, and anybody that's found engaging it should be made to face the long arm of the law. Period!
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You're definitely right,nothing short of being arrested and maybe sued if need be I have sisters and I will hate them being battered daily for whatever damages the women involved.
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I think I'll disagree with your position a little about "it is only illiterate men that beats their wife" simply because the control of emotions doesn't actually depends on Education rather it depend on discipline, exposure and upbringing. Meanwhile, men are naturally egoistic and egocentric nature of being who love to always be in charge. The first rule a woman should learn is how to obey and avoid things that will challenge the authorities of her spouse. If two must work in peace they must agree. She is the real custodian of peace in the house.. I can't stop to wonder why mmany ladies this days hide under what they tag as civilization. It won't work peacefully!.

Though, this doesn't justify beating! Rather beating of wife is a psychological crime which should never be encouraged. Both educated and uneducated men beats wifes. Sensitization and counselling will help.
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Ĺet us call it wife battering. Battering has been there for the longest time, though sonetimes it's hidden, other times it's reported, but it still exists despite this new era that we are in. For me for a wife to get to the point where she is being battered, it means there is either something very wrong with her, or there is something not right with the husband. Usually men who beat their wives if we investigate them you will find, they are men who came or were brought up in abusive homes or one of their parents were abused when they were younger. So when they get to marry and have their own homes, they will always be abusive to their partners. Sometimes they may not even be aware.that they are being abusive. Such men need help so that they can get over their pain and be able to live a life that's free of hurt and pain from their childhood days 

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