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Unprotected sex is supposed to be reserved for married couples and not single individual who are just in love and in a relationship.

Is unprotected sex good for those that are not yet married? 
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I don't do unprotected sex. It is so risky in terms of contracting deceases and getting unwanted pregnancies. I therefore prefer safe sex though I know it is still a sin as am not married. 

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Morally, spiritually and in reality both protected and unprotected sex is not advisable or not good for unmarried people.

Unprotected sex is a major cause of different diseases that have claimed lives and render some people's existence usesless,  it is not advisable to have unprotected sex with some one you don't know her health status and trust is very expensive to buy in the case of relationship and there are so many people who dates each other keep secrets  away from each other especially if they are not sure of getting married to each other.

Untimely pregnancy and constant abortion carried by many ladies today are as a result of unprotected sex they have and very many do not have detailed knowledge about ovulation periods.
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Yes it is, but with the society nowadays they don't care about it. I am glad I don't belong to this group because before I get married, I don't engage with anyone until I meet my husband now.
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Rightfully like you said it. Unprotected sex is actually for married couples and it is the moral aspect of life and even religion, I believe the outcome of unprotected sex by two young person is always a path to shame and untimely death.
A friend of mine actually met this young lady who was so beautiful that every one envy her beauty so much, the guy tried eeverything to date her but she blatantly refused. After much disturbance to lady, she later decided to give him a chance of friendship. She told him they can't date. So they were close and they do everything together but the lady never allow him to have sex with her. This continued for a long time till one faithful day when my friend aactually force his way and without caution, he had sex with her despite her telling him to wait she have something important tto tell him. So after the whole thing. She opened up to him that she's HIV positive. That is actually result if unprotected sex.
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Yes, unprotected sex should strictly be for the married and this is right before man and God and when done within the confides of marriage I bet you there can't never be any guilt or regret unlike having it in a mere relationship or even having a one night stand.
The consequences that comes with unprotected sex is just way heavy and might take a life time to correct or resolved than the few minutes of pleasure that was engaged in.

For the singles unprotected sex brings




Teenage and unwanted pregnancy

Being disowned by parents

Financial hardships

School dropouts especially for the females

Bleak future if not properly managed

Resentment and hatred

Total regrets

I don't think just few minutes of unprotected sex is worth this heart and better to be avoided by the unmarried.
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I think that unprotected sex is one that is meant for the married people simply because they are the ones that can trust each other in marriage. However, I have noticed that people that are married are also involved in some kind of cheating and this is the alarming situation that we've found ourselves in.

There are many ways that we can always stay ahead of the line even when we are married and one of them is by trying to go for a medical checkup in order to be  sure that the partner or us is diseases free. That way, we can go ahead and have unprotected sex which is all about trying to now be careful of not getting pregnant.

This medical checkup is always a better option, but the best option as far as I am concerned is for us to use contraceptives when we are having sex as well.
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Like you have said sex is sacred it is meant for married couples. It's only in that institution where sex is permitted to be done without protection. Though i wouldn't advocate foe it so much nowadays given that there is so much infidelity in marriages. People would rather use protection with their partners to avoid contracting diseases especially with those partners who are sexually active. Unprotected sex is not good for unmarried people, if you must have sex, then use protection for your own good if not for your partner. Celibacy has become a thing of the past, because nowadays people think it's good or trendy to have a test run before you can settle, just incase you get married and diacover things are not right. I don't think that's the way to go there are better ways to do tgese things.

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