I live in a country where there is winter and I don't experience the snow yet because  where we live doesn't snow. It only snow in some certain areas around here. So, I don't know how does it feel when it is snowing.
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The feeling of snowing is very good. Since you have winter in your region, it's going to be very easy for you to experience snowing. Simply, travel to the part of your town where it's snowing and have a feeling of how it is.

Good luck.

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The times that I always see snow is while o  watching some foreign movies. I have not had the opportunity to feel a weather that is affected by snow as I am residing in a country where we've got only two seasons which are the rainy season and the dry season which can also be called the harmattan season.

Sometimes, I used to wonder how it always feel for those that are experiencing this awesome snow weather in places such as England, France and other European countries. Stories of how they always try to feel okay and calm under this weather is something that I am trying to come to terms with simply because I always feel some cold while it is raining over here.

I always dream of traveling one day to a country where I should be able to feel the snow period first hand.
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Yes, I already experienced snow but I didn't went to Japan or America, I just went to a theme park that offer a snow experience. It was in Star City. The amusement part has lots of snow. They have a brick snow, the formed snow, the granules and powderize. They really gave the snow experience that we see in other country. It was good. It was a very cold weather which I think it is not applicable to me because I get easily have a viral disease when the weather is cold. Mostly, I get cough and colds easily. I observed that my lips became dry easily. My face looks good because I get blush on my cheek, the natural blush, but when I was out of the themepark, my body temperature became hot. I got fever after when I got home. I think my body is not get used to feeling cold.
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I haven't experienced snow yet. I don't know how it feels like but I can only imagine. There are certain cities in my country where it can get really chilly and it is no where close to snowing talk less of a snowy weather. I know that I'm going to like the snows because I really enjoy cold weather so it would be an amplified feeling. I cannot miss making a snowman when I finally get my hands on snow.

I plan to visit a theme park first where I can have that experience. Even though they are artificial conditions that stimulate the effect, it will still give that feeling even if it is just for the moment.

I'm sure people who live in such places are already very much used to the weather condition. However for a newbie, it would take some adjustments and getting used to.
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When it comes to all the seasons of the year being summer, winter, autumn and spring, my favorite happens to winter season even though it's the season of cold and snow. My body feels a lot better being cold and chilled than being hot, it's the reason why I love winter season more than any other season of the year.
So, from this little introduction about my love for winter season would tell you so much about my love for snow which always falls during the winter season. In as much as it messes up the road and prevent movement sometimes, I still favor it summer or spring or autumn.
My body feels very relaxed whenever it's snowing and it makes me feel like going into the bed and crawl up while enjoying my sleep. I don't think that there is any other season that gives me better sleeping moments like winter.
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I have experienced snow when I was in Europe, it was a nice sight seeing it for the first, I come from Africa and it was always beautiful when you have a first time experience of a different climate like snow. In my case I had to reach out to touch the snow. 
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I'm in tropical country, so there are not snow at all. Sometimes we got ice rain in the weather change from dry season to rainy season, but still it's not like winter snowing that we can imagine.
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In my country we have two seasons the rainy and summer days. For rainy seasons where I live we don't usually experience snowing. I only see on television. 
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