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When you are wedded in the church, you are definitely going to get a wedding ring which is supposed to be worn always. 

Do you wear your wedding ring always? 

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This is one thing I'm not used to wearing I know the countless time my partner has preached to me about keeping my ring on but I don't just feel like it. I wear it mainly when we are attending a function or an event together and that's end it,any other time my fingers are bare. I don't know how others does it but I don't feel comfortable wearing a ring all the time because I see many people do this.

It not about wanting to cheat or any ulterior motive far from it,it just that it never my thing.i only mostly have just my wrist watch on if I need an accessory to compliment my clothes. I'm not really an accessories person.So bottom line is I wear my wedding ring once in a while that's if I have the need to, if not it remains in it's box still when needed.
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I'll be sound silly because I get married without any ring in my finger. Too funny when my partner told me that we getting married he even ask me if I wanted a ring and I said no. He is not that type of a peron that will buy me something especial. That is why I don't feel special for him at all. But, I really don't mind having a ring in my finger since it's really annoying for me. I don't really wear any jewelry  except earing and wristwatch. I tried to buy a cheap ring I think I bougth it at a price of $4 online. I wear it for a while but, i removed it few says after and just put it in a box. I don't want my husband see me wearing a ring when in fact I declined his offer to buy me a ring. It's just I don't want to be ask for if I wanted a ring, why not buy me and surprise me with it. It's like sometimes I will think he is dumb.
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Why do you get married in the first place? Isn't it so that you can be recognized? The reason we have rings given, it's a clear indication that you are taken and you are not available anymore. This is very vital, if you don't have it is easy to get entangled with people of the opposite sex who are single, that is very dangerous. Rings are supposed to be worn at all times. That ring is not supposed to be removed at any one time, you made vow which is a promise that's supposed to be kept always, it's binding and should be taken very seriously. Plus if everyone saw you stand before your family friends and the church and said the vows,they will expect to see you wearing that ring always, if it is not on your finger you can be rest assured questions will come flying your way in all directions, and you should be ready to answer them.

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