Some people would deny that they don't put on their clothes sometimes without wearing any underwear but I'm sure they do every now and then.

Do you always wear underwear? 
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I definitely do almost all the time maybe because it has become part of me because I have been having underwears on since childhood through to my high school then adulthood. Wearing an underwear is a way of not exposing the body especially with transparent clothes. Underwear might help to absorb our sweat on a very busy day which helps to still keep our clothes dry without sweat patches. Even some underwears are made of sweat wicking fabric which easily absorb sweat and also make sweat evaporate easily without traces on us.
In cold weather underwears made of cotton fabric can be very helpful.There will help increase the body temperature thereby keeping us warm all day.
I know men might not really need underwears but women need a whole lot of it.
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Not every time I put on underwear. Me putting on underwear depends on if I am going out, but anything short of that like I am at home and not going anywhere, I don't see the reason for me to be putting on underwear. And there are times I am even going out I don't put on underwear, especially if I am taking an even stroll wearing short knicker moving far away from my neighborhood.

But one thing is certain, I can't dress up with the intention of going far place without putting on underwear. It is something that has been part of me and I am so used to it that I can't see myself doing it. And another thing that would always warrant me to put on underwear is when I am wearing trouble. I can't put on trouser or three quarter without underwear. It will make me feel like I am naked.

And mind you guys don't often wear trousers unless they are going far place, which means that they don't always put on underwear until they are going far place that would make them to wear trouser.
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It is always necessary that we understand the need of wearing underwear everyday. I have come to notice that for you to feel comfortable, you should be wearing underwear such as singlet, shorts and pants for the guys why the lady should put on bra and pants as well. Putting on these underwear is a way that we can show how good that we are when it comes to dressing fine.

However, I don't think that anyone that is not ok with wearing underwear should do so since as humans, we dress in the best possible way that we want to be. I used to have one friend back then in school who doesn't feel alright wearing singlets and I totally understood that there are situations that may arise when one might be having that kind of discomfort when it has to do with putting on underwear.
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I always wear underwear even when I am at home. I am not comfortable being naked. It is not because I am not proud of myself, but it is a precaution. What if there is an emergency and you need to get out of the house instantly, you will look funny without an underwear. But of course, that is the different case if you will have a clothes outside, but not wearing underwear. I take off my bra when sleeping but just detached the button or the lock. I still wear panties. I always and will always will. I was never comfortable not wearing an underwear. I feel safe to have one. I detached the lock of my bra once I am at home to feel comfortable but still I am still wearing a bra without a lock. This is to rest my back from the lock and for comfort sake as always.
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I can't live without underwear wearing underneath. I know an actress who doesn't wear underwear but that was just long time ago. the reason she told to media is that it's too hot for her to wear one. For me, underwear is necessary because it will protects you and cover up you private parts if you go swimming. And also it's a protection for your private parts, something that you need it. It's so weird I guess if going out without wearing underwear underneath your clothes.
There are some people ho doesn't wear one because they feel tightness and sweats all the time. Others feel uncomfortable wearing one, that's why they will wear boxer instead of underwear, that way they will feel fresh and not sweaty. Maybe that is the use of boxers, instead of underwear that is too tight.
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When I am at home, I don't wear any underwear most of the times. I usually have shorts or leggings on when I'm at home, so I think that's okay. I wear panties when I am going outside because I don't want the wind to blow something where it shouldn't be. I usually where a skirt outside. As for bras, I hardly wear those. I am not a big chested girl so I don't see the point. If I am wearing transparent clothing, I think someone can get away with wearing little or no underwear. It depends upon how it's done and the style and the fit of the clothing. Spanx can be worn by women who want contouring for a particular outfit. It would be helpful for women to get contouring underwear that wick moisture away from the body.
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That's a definite yes! I cannot see or imagine myself without an underwear, that would be disastrous for sure. This is mandatory, just the thought of it makes me very uncomfortable. I would feel naked like i have left out something. As you walk you will be feeling like there is something wrong. Are there people who do not wear underwear? Am just wondering what's your motive for not wearing them. There is one thing i know, this i was told don't get me wrong, prostitutes are known not to wear them, for their own convenience maybe it much easier to manage that way. It's absurd really but if you have ever had of stories about prostitutes then you will know what am talking about. I got some of this facts from a former prostitute who was talking about her story.
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Yes. I always wear underwear. For my convenience I used underwear everyday. It is good to wear. It is not expose body transparently. That is the main reason. 
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Before the six year I was not wear the underwear. But right I am wearing the under wear daily basis.

It was dengrus for me. 
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