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There are so many spices that are available in the market which can be used to prepare any meal to one's taste.

How much spices do you make use of in cooking your food? 
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Any time I'm opportuned to cook I try not to overload my food with spices unless the essential ones like Maggi,garlic powder, ginger powder and maybe one or two addictives and that's it.

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I used to think that cooking with spices is not necessary until I got into the university back in those days. That was the moment that I got to notice that one of the ways that people make their food to taste delicious is by adding enough spices.  It may interest you to know that my roommates, two of them, can make any food without adding at least two or more different species of spices.

At a point, I wanted to stop it but it was not easy. I believe that cooking is something that we should always do with less species and more natural ingredients such as crayfish and salt. This is one way that we can say that the chef is a good cook as well. I only make use of Maggi and one sachet of spicies when I cook and I have felt comfortable doing so as well.
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Basically, cooking with spice is very important in making meals not only taste good but also nutritious. Spices are not just used to had sweetness to meals but also to ensure they help in promoting good health. Unfortunately, most people think spices are only just used to satisfy their taste buds. No wonder all they do is to pack a lot of these spices in their meals thinking that that's how they can enjoy the meal.

But as for me, whenever I have the chance to cook for myself, I try as much as possible to ensure I make use of the adequate amount of spices in the right proportion for my food. I already have the knowledge that is not all spices are needed to make food rich as many people think. The combination of natural herbal spices like garlic, ginger, curry, thyme, fenugreek are just enough for me. And not forgetting the king of spices which are salt and pepper.
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I'm a spice person. Not that I love to add a lot of it in my cooking, I just love to try out different spices. I love the food that comes with flavours, nice tastes and sweet aroma. I love to try our local spices in my cooking. Spices indigenous to my country have this exotic taste of home.
Of all the spices, I love the natural occurring herbs like ginger, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, soya, etc. Those spices are like the best without any additives plus they have great nutritional benefits. People are also advised to add such herbs especially in certain illness. For example, I know for a long time now that garlic is good for asthma as well as other health problems.
There are times when I enjoy my meals flat without spices and all. I think it just depends on the moment.

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