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MTN and GLO network are the two main telecommunications company in Nigeria. 

Between two of them, which one do you prefer? 

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I'm using the two lines in my phone right now because there seem to be the leading telecommunication networks for now though etisalat is manageable but it like people still prefer these two old networks. But personally I will always go for MTN since it more reliable and fast.
Since I work online now as well I need a network that the speed is better and it's connection a bit stable and MTN has been trying in this aspect. Glo would have been the best bet since it's packages are cheaper than MTN but unfortunately its service output is appalling. It isn't just slow but sometimes totally out of service. What's the essence of having a large volume of data but no correspondent connection to use.
MTN is like a necessary evil, packages are high priced we just have to buy it.
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There is this slogan that follows MTN which is "everywhere you go" and believe me, it is difficult for you to be in an area and the network is not that strong. Also, as the first telecommunications company that began it's operations in Nigeria, they have the highest numbers of registered users that make use of the network. So, for those two factors, I will say that majority of the people will always want to make use of the network in everything that they do which is pretty normal.

However, I think that since I relocated to a different region where Glo network has the upper hand, I have really enjoyed making use of the network right here. Since I have been making use of Glo network here, I can confidently say that it has served me to the level that I feel satisfied.

So, at the moment, I have total preference for Glo network.

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