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Utterly the only time I've ever continue and will never stop to desire my school life and period days. I can still recalled the day I joined school with my dad by my side. That was the day I got to know my full soon as registration was completed, I was taken to my class which was nursery one in my school. I sat on the floor where new students usually sit and the teacher announced to that any student that do well will be promoted to the bench.So I got protest to chain student the moment I answered mathematics or arithmetic qquestion. Everyone clapped for me and I was impressed.

 So from that very day, I got my clique and we were always competing to always top the class. It was actually fun till we hot to the final year of the school,.
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I would like to experience my childhood once again.I'm really missing those days where I didn't have to worry sick about anything apart from thinking about playing games, interacting with friends, attending psrties, being mischievous and getting free cash from my parents. Just the other day I looked at my son jumping around the whole place in excitement because the Christmas season is almost here while I'm breaking my head to make extra money so as to make their celebration worthwhile.
I looked back and I remember I used to feel same way during this period and I know my parents used to try to make it as eventful as possible and I remisence and wish I could rewind back to those days.i wish I could have a repeat of those days for just a week.
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I remember my childhood was way different from being up children nowadays, no gadget and no computer it was just purely happiness with nature and friends.
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There are countless number of events I would loved to repeat in life. From my childhood to adulthood, there has been myriad of exciting moments that give me that nolstagic feelings. When I was a kid, I had one of the most joyful experience in been among my peers. We were so full of positive vibes that whenever we were together, it would be like the day shouldn't end. The series of activities we perform each day were so amazing. Some of the random activities we engaged in on daily basis were football, table soccer, acrobatic jumping, hide and seek, the list is endless. Funny enough, in spite the fact that we loved to play together, fighting is another thing that I can't forget. No single day passed we don't fight. We were very playful but yet unable to tolerate ourselves.

In hindsight, I missed everything about my childhood. I seriously wish I could experience it all over again because just reliving it is not just enough for me.
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That's a good part of you childhood memories, all we can do right now is mesmerized by them and think that our children will experience the same.

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