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Because there are very cunny in nature, take a look at the story in the Bible where our first mother was deceived by the serpent and still now there are same. 
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The symbolism comes from the Bible, where Satan took the form of a snake and tricked Eve into eating the Forbidden Fruit.

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This can be likened to the scriptures where we get to see that the snake is the animal that the devil took its form when the disobedient that happened in the garden of Eden which included Adam and Eve.

The Bible took time to narrate how the snake (devil) convinced and deceived Eve that there is nothing wrong in eating that fruit which they say that it is forbidden by God. The way that the snake even assured Eve that once she takes the fruit and convinces Adam to do likewise, that they will get to understand the right from the wrong, the bad from the good and all that.

The scripture also went further to narrate how God got to know that Adam and his wife, Eve, has disobeyed him and how they were chased from garden. So, when we read that part of the Bible, we get to see the reason snakes are always seen as one of the worst animals that we have on earth.
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I can see your point there, when time of temptation of Eve and Adan which is the snake.
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The symbolism of snake as tractor is dated back to Biblical era when it led a surreptitious attack against the first man and woman made by God by deceiving them to rebel against Him. Ever since this account, snake has always been as tractor because it made itself to be used by devil. And mind you there is no any other tractor bigger than the king of the dark world himself, which is devil.

Sadly, since this act of rebellion instigated by devil through the use of snake, there has been sin in the world. And this sin brought about the separation of man and his God until the coming of Jesus Christ, which reconcilled man with his God through His death on the cross.

Let's relate this account to the present event. Anybody that betrays his fellow man is dubbed snake because he/she possesses that trait of been used by the devil. For this very reason that's why snake is called a tractor.
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I think this is something to do with a snake is used in the bible, they cheat the first human beings Eve and Adam, that is the reason why everyone who is cheating and being a traitor is called a snake. Actually, with all due respect to the snake, they doesn't deserve it. Snake has the purpose here in our planet. They are one of the animals which balances the ecosystem. They are just killing someone for food and when they need to defend themselves. They are not even named as traitor or cheater, but as a dangerous animals because you could be killed by its venom which is very poisonous. Same goes with people who can put a dirt on your reputation by making stories about you, that is not true. It could be compared to a poison that will kill you inside, instantly.
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