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After using a particular social media app, I discovered that most of my data where gone. Among all the social media apps, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc, which one of them consumes data the most?
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After Instagram, it's followed up by Facebook. Theses are the two major social media applications that consume my data. 

But the online football game which I'm playing currently is taking over as the application that consumes my data the most.
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What about the Facebook lite? Does it consume same amount of data like the main application?

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Of all the social media application that we have flooding the internet today, it's only one that I'm well aware of how bad it consumes data subscription more than any other and its the almighty Instagram social media site. I personally took out time to study and analyze how all the social media applications installed in my Samsung Galaxy J7 consumes my internet data, and after one month of study, I came up with the result that shows Instagram to be consuming 60 percent of my data and Facebook to be taking 30 percent of my data, then other applications taking the remaining 10 percent. After getting this statistical analysis reports on how my data is used, I had to take the decision and uninstall my Instagram application.
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From your analysis, your are spot on because before I asked this question, there was something I observed, which was how Instagram consumed all my data within shortest time I used it. Thanks!

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