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If you are talking about Fab group alone, yes possible. You can create Fb group and once you gather enough members you can sell same with Fb pages.

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You have several options to make money using Facebook groups:

  1. Join an FB group that allows you to sell or buy products or services directly from you.
  2. You can promote different products or services on your own FB group.
  3. You can use your FB group to drive traffic to your website where you have affiliate links and sell items on your site.
  4. There are some groups where you are paid for post clicks.
  5. You can set up an FB group to collect donations.
  6. You can use an FB group to help manage your other groups.
  7. Some FB groups will charge a small fee to join the group.
  8. You can add advertising and sponsorships on your FB group to earn money. 
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Yes. All you have to do is to share your referral links from other sites that allow affiliate earning commissions and when they register through you, you earn a commission when they earn too. This means the more the people the more the earnings. You can also share your shortened links to earn when there is a visit at your link.
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Yes its possible, you can do online marketing, post your products with all the details including price and where you're located at .You can as well give your contacts on how one can get you.

Also,there's some online jobs that require one to have several referrals for a certain % of commission.You can post that referral link and and persuade people to join the site.

Finally, you might be working offline and require  people with certain qualification. You can post your request in the group and since lots of people use Facebook you'll get good number of people to do the work.
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You can sell things and earn money from Facebook groups. Not just on your personal account homepage or Fanpage, you can also sell on Facebook group. How? You can join a Facebook group that matches your target market. 

For example, if you have electronic products then join a group that has interest in electronic products. Not just one product with a certain theme, you can sell anything.
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There are some groups at Facebook that promotes online business or additional online opportunity. They will introduce the product and will apply marketing strategy to you for you to become curious about the product and send a message privately. Once the product is introduce to private message, it is for you if you want to continue earnings. On that area the owner or the person, will pass you to his or her FB group so that you will be updated of what is happening to the sites or product you will sell. If you work on it, you will earn, but if you are just looking around and undecided until now then nothing will happen. Like me, I am interested at first but when I learned that the site needs a network to earn more, I do not send a message at all because I am not good at it.
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If you are referring to making money through facebook group in conventional means, then I think it's not possible. Facebook doesn't engage users in any monetary payment scheme. What I mean is that money can not be earned by engaging in Facebook activities.
However, a facebook group can used to engage in the same services provided by facebook pages. A facebook page is basically designed for business purposes. Businesses can open a page and use it as a model to drive audiences and bring awareness to their products and services through marketing and advertising. If you:read smart enough, you can also use a facebook group to engage members in the same manner of Facebook pages. This is the only way I think a facebook group can aid in generating some kind of money.

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