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Noodles is a very common food in the world today. 

Do you enjoy eating it?

Is noodles nutritious? 
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Definitely No! Continuous eating of noodles is very bad for the health.

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It is okay to consume noodles in moderation, yes they are not healthy especially the instant noodles. Consuming noodles in moderation won't harm in your health. But oo much can, even other healthy foods, if too much consumption will lead to health problems. If you want your instant noodles to be healthy you can add egg, and vegetables when cooking it like carrots, spinach, Moringa leaves, or other healthy vegetables. And don't eat eat noodles alone too, you can eat it among with the other healthy fruits and vegetables. Relying on noodles alone won't give you in nutritious for your system. Best to accompany it with other healthy foods. When I cook noodles I always add egg in it and spinach so the nutrients of the leaves and eggs will combine with the soup and I cook it very well not just what according to the instructions. I like my noodles very well cooked.
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I love to eat noodles alot but mostly in a very healthy way  but eating noodles just like that isn't really healthy especially those that are packaged with spices. There contain so much sodium, saturated fat, addictive and preservatives etc which are very unhealthy ingredients to the body.
Noodles is a great source of carbohydrate and it loaded with so much calories which means that it could spike insulin which triggers fat storing and make us begins to add unnecessary weight and weight gain comes with it's diseases like heart diseases etc.

I try to make my noodles healthy by loading it with different kind of veggies,this will help lower the amount of carbohydrates in the food.Again it good to eat noodles in moderation.

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