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Personally, I prefer writing with brown paper. The only problem is that brown papers are very hard to see lately. 

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I remember when I was in grade school and my mother will buy a brown paper to write up because it was cheaper than the white one. I hate to write on it because I feel like its a dirty paper. Sometimes I used it easily and give some to my classmate who doesn't have a paper. It is common in our grade school some students cannot afford to buy school supplies. And my mother will get mad at me because she will ask if what did I do to my papers as she can't buy anymore. So the money I get from day to day, I will use half of it to buy papers. Now, I really still like writing in a white paper, I don't really seen any brown paper now in the market. So,  I'm glad I am not a student anymore, but I am learning to draw so I bought a canvas paper color white because it's look more neat for me.
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I don't really have much preference for any writing paper I am to use whenever I want to write. I would definitely be cool with either of them if need be I am to write using any of them. For me paper is paper, whether white or brown. What I am most concerned about writing with paper is its quality to be able to legibly portray what I am writing, because I wouldn't want a situation whereby I've written something, and it won't be able to be read by wound-be readers.

Unfortunately, I've not had much opportunity to write with brown paper due to the fact that the most papers often used over here in my country are whites. For this very reason, I won't be able to distinctly ascertain if brown paper has an edge over white paper. Notwithstanding, white paper hasn't fallen short when it comes to excellent delivery of conspicuous writing material.
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I will prefer to use a white paper to write on at any time I want to write because white paper will make the writings very clear and neat for one that is writing to see clearly what have been written and the recipients if any to also see clearly what has been written.

I don't think I have ever written on a brown paper well it just my mindset that the writing might get lost in the color so I don't even try it but most things that we need to write will be better with a white paper so I don't think writing on a brown paper will even be necessary.
White paper helps  us to present our writing in a neat way.
It can be seen clearly by all

White papers are easily accessible almost in all bookshops than brown papers.

White papers are commonly used by everyone.
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Brown paper and White papers makes me to remember my kindergarten age. The first day in Nisuco staff school and the reason why I cried throughout the day in school. "My dad refuse to buy me while paper instead he bought me 2 pieces of brown papers. My thought as at then was, best students should use white paper instead of brown.

I refuse to go to school the next day until my dad bought me my desired white papers or books. All of this are childish attitude, I guess!

Generally, like you said; white paper is much better compared to brown papers. Because I enjoin my handwritten notes on white papers compared to the brown. Though, I use to be extra careful when I'm using the white paper because mistakes doesn't makes it neat and even when I use correcting fluids, it still doesn't doesn't make the work as perfect as desired.

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