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I don't trust anyone with my money especially my parents as well because they are very capable of spending my money without paying me back and I can't ask them to pay me the money back. 

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Yes, simply because it is in law of nature that responsible parents should be irresponsible to their children when the children are not capable enough to take care of them selves. Equally, or reciprocally the children that are responsible should or are/is expected to return the care much more when the parent are incapable to fend for the self anymore due to health, age and strength.

In my culture and tradition as well as my religion. A child is suppose to hand over money , shelter and other needful things to the parent according to his/her capability and with good will. In order for the parent to dish out blessing and prayers for such child.

The parent are expected to enjoy fruit of labour from their children while they are alive not till when they are late before I start to run around for befitting b
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That's a good practice in your culture,it means you value your parents sacrifices for taking good care of you..
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Why not,if my parents have been handing me money since my childhood still when I got my first job and it my turn now to hand them money why won't I do that.i think it just show how responsible I can be. First and foremost  it shows my humane side especially if they're now weak and can't hustle as the used to,it will be my responsibility to step in and make them feel loved.

I know my parents have never really called me for money but I still do packaged some amount for them maybe quarterly,though they complain I should just use it for my growing family but I tell them it no bribe it just an act of appreciation for them being there and will always be there for us their children.i think it even a blessing to be able to hand some money to one's parents some people are looking for such an opportunity.
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That is true, if the child capable of handling and giving out something to his parents, then yes it's a good deed.
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Yes, when i started working, i started to give money to my parents. When I was in college, I started to give money to my parents from my allowances from my scholarship. When I started working, i am regularly giving money to my parents. As my experience in work is growing, the money I am giving is increasing as well. I am now the provider of the family that is why I need to be responsible and never absent in handling my money to my mother. I only have a mother since my father passed away already. I feel like I am a good daughter whenever I am handling my budgeted money. I make sure that she will buy all the necessary things we needed at home, especially with food. I have my own savings so just in case it is not enough, I have something to give again.
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We,Filipinos are good of doing that even our parents won't ask anything but we as a child, we do our best to make our parents happy.
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I've always seen it as a privilege to be able to show my parents some love by being able to hand them some bucks. It has always been my utmost desire to be able to make them smile someday, if not for anything but for the love, care and support they showed to me when I was much younger.
Now that I am a grown up adult, taking care of my own responsibilities, I also see my parents, mother in particular as my responsibility. Heaven would not forgive me if I can't repay them back for all they've done for me. That's why I must continue to make them proud by not only being of good behavior as a responsible man, but also to ensure I put a smile on their faces every now and then through goodwill gestures like handing them some money.

Sadly, I now have only my mother around to fulfill all my promises to. I still feel very satisfied as man as I was able to extend some love to my dad before he passed on even though I was not financially stable then.
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Nothing can compare for showing love and care for our parents,somethings else are just material but love is unconditional.
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Parenting is a recycle process that is built in stages, that every living souls that are married will pass  so on this note,  it is in my opinion  to hand money to your parents. They have their active period in which they move around and strive to ensure you are educated to their taste despite their challenges, the active period varies from one parent to another,  there are some parents that will be active financially and physically even when their children are made financially stable  while there are some parents that there active period doesnt last long especially financially .

In any case  of their financial status  it is good to hand them money sometimes as a show of gratitude and responsibility. The best way to do such is to send them the money via Bank without prior notifications
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Yes that is true too, it is from the heart when you give something to our parents.
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Personally, I never really handed my money to anyone and not even my parents when I was still a teenager because I had a very serious difficulty in trusting anyone with my money. Both my mother and my father have taken the money that I asked them to save for me and used it for another family matter, when I later asked for my money back, they both gave me excuses why I can't be able to get my money back again.
So, after this experience with both my parents, I started learning how to save my money by myself. It was when I started using wooden box safe and later upgraded to iron box safe because I always have the habit of breaking my wooden box safe when I'm in dire need for money but when it's the iron safe, it's practically impossible for me to break the iron box.

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