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My views on politics is simply get into the office and be both human and humane.No need turning into a beast never favours anyone.

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An ideal teacher and Politician

Politics is a dirty game. This has been said since time immemorial. However, politicians campaign that they have come to serve the citizens of their country. The political scenario varies worldwide. 

Let's take the case of India first. We as citizens want a comfortable life which means: a proper earning, three square meals a day, a proper shelter and some savings for old age ailments.

Proper earnings- Earnings are often described in many ways. The rich want to save their earning and therefore avoid taxes  while the common man which is more than 90% in our country wants an earning that shall satisfy his/her hunger, provide him with proper clothes and a proper shelter with all the basic needs.

Three square meals a day- This does not mean you only have to eat thrice  a day. This same food can be divided into portions according to our constitutions. The person must feel satisfied without falling sick.

A proper shelter- In India the politicians play with this agenda. They promise, proper earnings, food and shelter to every citizen but gather the poor during their campaigning and distribute money, food, luxury goods; showing that they have done their duty. A 

A proper shelter should have all the basic amenities like a registered land, a house that has all the basic needs like : electricity and water. The person should have that earning so that he can make it a comfortable place. Electrical gadgets are no more a luxury now. A person should be able to purchase them.

Some savings for old age ailments- As we grow older our intake decreases. This is the time when the body cells looses the power to combat ailments. In order to avoid ailments we can take other food supplements but that does not mean one shall not fall sick. If at all anything happens a person should have the required amount to fight that ailments.

  • Let politicians in our country not  where the mask of honesty supporting the honest officials in the government and the honest citizens, but try to be more transparent in their dealings.
  • Let them materialize what they have promised.
  • Let them choose such a leader who is true his words.
  • Let them not get their votes through false voter id cards.
  • Let them not use the judiciary, the CBI according to their own whims and the retired top officials who enter politics.

I have given the picture of our former President Dr. Kalam as our politicians now try to follow him but are not doing it in the true sense.

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That's a fact, until now nothing changes in fact most politician became worst and worst.
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My political view actually depends on my ideology and philosophy of my school of thought that politics is a path to leadership and leadership position. With respect to voting and campaign by a desired choices. Though I've never contested in a general election before but i'very contested in school election and I equally participated in supporting different candidate both in school and National. I actually into leadership of selflessness and quality representation.

I've supported a lot of people whom actually after winning they turn our to be ingrate and useless to the mandate or franchise that actually produce them. But I trust where the world is going into now; politically people are becoming more enlighten and they won't buy into unrealistically leadership.. If I must contest or participate fully in politics, it must be pragmatic!. However, we cannot avoid
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THat's the thing about being in politics, a lot of beautiful promises coming out before the elections, but after winning, they turned grey.
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The thing that I have come to notice about politics is that there are times that you may not really get to do the things that you wish to achieve when you are the person that is into the office that you've seek to be. It still puzzle me how some good men all of a sudden turn into beast when they are elected into power and the reality of the situation is that we should always take what we see.

  Also, there are times when you get to realize that it may not be the head that is doing wrong, but that persons that are working with him and as we can, it may not always end fine when it is that kind of situation. So, I believe that what is right is for us to be good followers when we are not in power as this is one way we can kick out those bad eggs that are the top.
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They are tempted with political power and money of course, part of being a politician is money.

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