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Can you please suggest the names of the games best on android.
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Recently, I have seen most of the my friends playing Fortnight or some game called "PubG" something... IDK. 
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Recently is mobile legend and fortnight especially my brothers are playing with it and posted it on Facebook competing who got the most hero.

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It appears that Alto's Adventure is one of the top games played on Android devices. It isn't hard to find rating of games apps and how many people have downloaded them and installed them on their mobile device. When searching in the Google Play Store, each app will indicate how many times it has been downloaded. You can also narrow down your search using the Google Store search function to find the most popular games and how many times they've been downloaded. To list all the games on this answer would take forever and it is best if you do a quick search on the Google Play Store. This way you can find the top games that would interest you to download and play on your Android device.
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Computer games and gaming gadgets are popular nowadays because of several reasons. Games are also good for brain because it increases the ability of thinking. In most of the game, it requires lots of thinking to level up in the game. If you are looking for the top most games played on android phones then my recommendation goes to geometry dash. You can download this game from Google  Play Store or any gambling website who deal with the apk of this game. I like to play this game because of its amazing features and challenges that come with this game. In this game, You have to basically control the vehicles through screen touch or controllers.

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I'm not really a game person but I had to start playing these two games when it looks like I was losing out in  the fun .I had to start playing them myself.

The two most played android phone games in my location is Candy crush  and temple run .if you would find a matching candies game fun to get to higher levels you can try candy crush, it an interesting game although you will always want to get to the next level,you can apply some tricks  though to get to  a higher level  if you need to.But if you are an adventurous person and you need some fun game of jumping and not getting killed then you try temple run,it an action game where one run for dear life while picking up some treasure.
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I think it will help if you will narrow down your question into the type of game that you are looking for.

Personally, most relaxing android games would include Candy Crush, Piano Tiles, and Color Switch. Except Candy Crush, there's no limit into playing the two latter games I've mentioned. You can play them for as long as you like.

Now, if you want something more challenging, you might want to try 2048. It's a give that includes a series of addition when two tiles combine together to form a higher number until the sum reaches 2048. Quite an achievement once you made it. Another game, which may enhance your vocabulary is Wordscapes. It doesn't have a limit too. And this can be pretty addicting.

If you want a strategy or group type of game, I will recommend Mobile Legends. It may take you quite some time to get to know the game but once you do, you'll never spend a day without playing it.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more suggestions.

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