I have four best friends.  But one of them is loving me and he is keeping this as secret. One day my friend told me that she got an information about this. But she don't know the person. How can I find him out.
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I am totally lost about the story. You can simply ask your friend, they can deny but when you look in their eyes, you will know if they are lying. Better observed his movements when talking to him he will be obvious about it. 

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It is very important to know facts rather than small talk from friends. Sometimes people think they heard something, however, it is essential that you do not get your hopes up, especially when you do not know what is going on exactly. Don't keep your hopes you so you do not get hurt afterward if nothing really happens.

How can your friend get an information about someone she does not know? Well, could be possible but make sure you dig deeper into the situation. But most importantly, keep your feet to the ground and get to know the person well before engaging in any kind of relationship.
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There are so many hearsay talks going around and some of the talks are designed to hurt people or give them false hopes. From what you've told us here it sounds like this friend of yours is listening to rumors and just repeating them back to you. Many rumors start out to hurt a person or to give them hopes of something better. It is best that you don't pay attention to these rumors, because in the end you could get hurt badly.

However, if the rumor is true this person could be to shy to tell you how they feel. Give them time and let them show their feeling to you on their own. Don't force your hand and try to seek them out. They will let you know when the time is right.
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If this story is true and he truly loves you he would come back to you.
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