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I have always had that lofty dreams of becoming a psychologist. To be frank with you, the only setback that I had back then was that I was afraid of having to do things that concerns biology as it is a very difficult subject for me back then in school. I did all I could to know how I am going to be able to work things out on this, but it never worked the way that I expected.

At the moment, I read economist and I got to enjoy this profession as it gives me the opportunity to access how people think before they buy a product. It is always good for me to analyze human actions and this is one thing that this course has given me the opportunity to learn about.

This is not to say that when I am opportuned to read about psychology in the future, that I won't be doing so.
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That's a good one, why not pursue it at the moment, i think it's not too late to do it.
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My dream job is to become a private Accounting consultant,I have been working as an accounting officers for a while and I want to start a private firm maybe bring in some partners in the long run or now which ever would work better for me.I need to actualize my dreams  of contributing my quota to my accounting course.I couldn't do much as an employee because my boss was running his own firm his own way and I just needed to respect them so I'm dreaming of starting mine and having things go my own way for a positive impact.
I'm still on the way to get there. I'm trying to get some certifications because I need them to be able to practise as a consultant, when once I'm well equipped I will open my own firm and I hope to make a success of it. I'm keeping hope alive.
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Accountant is a good but stressful job,  my brother wanted me to get the course but, I insist it's not the type of job I want.
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My dream job is to be a journalist. Today that i could call a bloger. I hope once i will doing this job.:)

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