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If you have enough money to invest in cryptocurrency, I would recommend trying out Bitcoin investment since its price have dropped very low recently. 

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This question can be answered in different ways when it comes to investments what most of think next is money or financial investments.
On the  assumption that the question is referrimg to financial investment,  I am of the opinion that there is enough money it will be good to invest on different things so as to stay safe,  for instance investments on Agricultural produce will bring a positive results,  investment in oil and gas is also a nice option,  Crypto currencies investments with caution is another good option.

Meanwhile,  if is general investment then I will rather invest most of my time in worshipping my God,  doing all forms good deeds that will earn me paradise because life is short and can not be predictable,  it is an investment with surest positive return on investment.
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In my country now one can invest in many things like Agriculture,oil and gas and the telecommunication industry.If one has the needed capital telecommunication industry is really booming now.My cousin is into this aspect and he is doing great,the clause is just the huge capital that one might just needs to kick-start the business. People buy recharge cards almost every minute and data subscription is for everyone, I'm not referring to just a little cafe I'm referring to a large scale business here where a customer can work in and get everything he or she may need. From recharge cards, to data selling both in bulk and wholesale, selling of accessories, registering people for all kinds of online registration, sell of SIM cards and other related items.
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Tha's a great start for your cousin, however in my country, the Agriculture is the main livelihoods by most farmers course.
Farming is the most sustainable means of survival if we'll manage though it is not possible for every body to go into farming because the land will not enough for everyone. 
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After the passing of my father and just this year, my brother in law passed away, I realized that life is short. You can go anytime. There are lots of reason why you can be gone in this world, so do what you need to do. Because of that realization, my goal is to invest my time with my family, pets, few friends and for myself. I have money but I don't need lots of it. I cannot bring it in the grave. I will just earn money, spend it and save a little for emergency, but I make sure i will enjoy my stay and I will make my family happy. Everyone is busy making money, but me, i will just be satisfied and contented that I am here with my family and to the people I truly trusts. I might not have the richest, but having a time with the one that truly matters is more than a million.
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You have a very nice goal, means your priority is your family and for yourself as well, I am sorry for your lost.
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In the cash transfer and conversion system. Investment deal with the changing if money into valuable and physical things that will appreciate with time. The best investment if if I should answer your question just as you asked it. The best investment is land. Though, though some people view it as means to tied own money or capital that will ordinarily ssuppose to be flourishing if invested in business.

Investment is one attribute that disintinguished between a person who is going for want and a person who is going g for need.

However, best investment depends on individual and risk involved in owning that material  at that time. If you buy a land today, if you have to sell it in the next day, there must be appreciation value with lesser risk.
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What you can literally invest in at the moment varies from country to country and one place to another because of so many factors that are prevalent in each and every place at any point in time. I wouldn't really know exactly what would be the best to invest in country because I don't have all the details of what thrives exceptionally well in your country but I can tell more than enough about what can be invested in at the moment in my country and you would stand a good chance of making a decent amount of money as profit within a period of time.
At the moment, agriculture is the leading field that everyone is heading into in my country. It's so booming that even the federal government as well are well interested in agricultural investments that they are giving lucrative loans without interest to the citizens who are willing to invest in agriculture and farming. Some people go into poultry while some go into fish breeding.
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If you are into the food chain, it is best to have a huge capital to franchise fast-food businesses, such as McDonald's, KFC, etc. The return of investment (ROI) is fast than the other businesses in the market.
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