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I have been looking for more information about Answeree but could not find it. I was wondering if anyone has ever had any issues with this website.

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I have also noticed that you can't get anything on answeree if you google it. I tried it some days back to ascertain its popularity and originality, and to my surprise nothing showed up.
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I am not really sure how I came upon Answeree myself. I was searching through google trying to find paid to answer sites. I came up on it some how. 

Someone must have a post about it. I have tried to back track my steps to figure out where i got the link from. Maybe some one can find a referral link in my account that i joined under and find out what site I came across the link on.

It seems like its a fairly new place. However it does have potential.  Maybe they should have a testimony page with people posting proof of their pay from here in order to help people promote this site. 

Also, I was looking in my account and I do not see a referral link. Like if I just wanted to refer someone. I can't figure out how to do that? 

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The site does have several reviews online. Just recently they updated their payment on the site and added a new webpage that you can see the new pay scale. In the past you only needed $10 to cash out on the site, however, you now need $30 to cash out. You are also paid a higher rate now for answering questions and be up-voted with a +1 on your answers. Each member here on the site needs to participate if you are to earn extra money for answering questions.

You are not paid to ask a question or even leave a reply to an answer that a person left you. However, you can always add a thank you to this person and they will earn. Afterward, when you give a response to a question, the person will pay you back with a thank you. This way you'll earn 14 cents on your answer, instead of just 10 cents. Here is one review I found online about the site and it was recently updated with the new information and the new pay rate on the site. You can go here to read the full review. There aren't too many reviews about this site online and I'm not sure why.
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People are beginning to talk about Answeree on various forums. I discovered it on a forum called ForumCoin where I post regularly and I have been pleasantly surprised since I joined.

There is also a payment proof on the Beer Money Forum that someone has posted so if you need any proof that this site pays you can find it there. We do have to post 50 answers and submit them for review before we can become part of their reward system but I think that's fair enough as they need to see the type of content we are writing.
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At least there is some information about answeree on internet. I came to know about answeree through google in a comment box where someone had suggested. I joined the site and I kept checking it's review online and found At least one. So I can say there is a review about answeree. Am sure there are other updates to be updated about the site.

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