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Did you ever have your webpage played by a witch through black magic?


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This sounds funny and weird.Do people still believes in this at this age and time.Black magic hampered one's webpage from progressing I'm just wondering how that will happen as in it help keep traffic away or makes the articles on the page uninteresting. I can't seem to wrap my head around this but in all I don't see the possibility of that happening. I have never believed in this kind of manipulation or witchcraft so it always funny to me when things like this comes up.
Humans are always looking for who is after them and it makes me wonder the people we are always referring to,because even the person we are accusing is also accusing another person of the same thing. This is really rampant in my country everyone is a suspect and we live in fear of one another.
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answered by ELITE (3,093 points) 2 6 11
I don't really think such thing will be necessarily possible but I font doubt it though, because I know witches can drive any length torment a person and weaken your system. I've listened yo several confessions by the witches aañd their evil antics. Recently a witch made a confession of killing everyone in her family and drank all their blood to renew her membership.
Though, I don't own a website or even a blog. But I can confifrm that such actions can be true and must not be treated with levity. Prayers and fasting will help clean up such attacks.

In the other dimension; hackers could be the one disturbing your web or blog. By sharing such thing to you. Why not you use your emulator to trace the actions of hackers or run a thorough check on your web to be certain.
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This sounds very unreal, but i wouldn't dismiss it just yet. Many times we tend to assume stuff like this and say such things do not happen but the truth is they actually happen. We don't see them happening because we choose to ignore it even when we see it. This is a first i do not know how true it is, but for me i have never heard of it, this is a first, that am hearing of it here. I don't know how possible that is, but i know black magic truly exists for sure. I have heard about it and how people bewitched in their homes, schools work places but not online. I wonder what kind of charms they use to be able to control how someone performs on their web pages. It's quite strange i must say. Do they kind of take your picture and then start chanting whatever they want to do for you and it all happens? Am just wondering and trying to understand how it may work.
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I am from Africa and I tell people that if you believe witchcraft is not real ,you are dead.This things may sound unreal but the truth is they do happen and are real.

I just chose to ignore this forces because I believe with hardwork and prayer,one will succeeded.

Africans take things too far.They blame every mistake, problem, challenges on some mythical forces instead of facing their problems and trying to find a way around it.Other use it as an excuse for their incompetence and laziness.

The truth is,whether their is witchcraft or not,life is not all rosy and smooth.One must face challenges. It is part of life.The way you treat your challenge is entirely up to you .You may keep blaming it on some witches or you can decide to brace up and face your demons.

But one fact this remains, witchcraft is real but one should not attribute every challenge to witchcraft. Wether you like it or not, the universe will feed you with some dose of challenges. Its normal

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