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I honestly would save it for our nest year big move to the other country, that's a big money already.
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If i was to get that kind of money right now, wow i would take me and my mum to Israel, that is one travel destination i have always wanted to go. i would take a whole week of touring the whole place it would be an awesome experience.

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If I'm handed $5000 today I will want the money to duplicate or generate more money for me,as in the money working for me I will just buy a land.At least in my location I can buy a good land near a good position with $2000 at least a potable land.

I will use $1000 to get a surveyor to survey the land and draw up the necessary papers.

$500 might go for other essentials like meeting the owners of the land it's a tradition here to seek their permission.

$500 could go for the initial foundation.Building materials are alot cheaper here especially for those that will be buying in bulk

The remaining $1000 will go a long way in fencing the land and maybe financing a boy's quarter for a start then I will look for a way out to build the main building.
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This money will be a bigger amount in my country. It costs a lots. We have a pending bills in the hospital after my brother in law passed away. $5000 is a big help to pay that pending hospital bills. I would love to use it all to that and solve the problem. Right now my sister is having a headache of where she will go in the government to ask for that big amount. She already had promised money from some specific government and establishment but that couldn't make the balance be paid in full. She needs more. I don't have any means of paying it because I already gave all my savings to her so right now I don't have any idea where we could get that big amount. God have mercy so I think before the deadline we can able to complete the amount, hopefully.

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