Who do you think should always pick up the tab after a date.The man or the woman?
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If you ask anyone out on a date, you are the person who is supposed to take care of date bill. 

There is no argument here. 
This should be how it should be but some people believe the bills should be splited. Well if it fine by the people involved so be it. 

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It is bound that there would definitely be divided opinions on this subject of who is to take care of bill for dating between a male and a female. Regardless of the differences in our respective opinions, one thing is certain, that no matter who pays the bill, there must be paying of the bill.

On a more serious note, dating bill is always expected to be paid by the male folks, but it shouldn't always be like that. Personally, I have experienced a situation whereby a girl asked me out for a date and yet at the end of the dating, she expected me to settle the bill, as man concerned I had to. But in this scenario, it sounded really ridiculous for me to pay a date I didn't planned for.
In reality, what is ought be acceptable is that whoever calls for a date should be the one to pay for the bill. By this practice, we'd know that fairness is been exercised.
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Well,the society just believed it's the duty of the man to pay for a date even the one set up by a lady so some ladies just abides by this.
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Traditional date is way different from now, mostly men pay everything when they ask the woman they wanted to have a date with. But some women prefer to half-half payment, it's depend on how do you agree with it before you go on the date. For me, I like it the guy will for everything if he ask me for a date.To see if he can afford to pay something before engaging into marriage, if that will happen. It is more appealing too, if the guy will pay for it and not the girl or half-half. And also, the guy will make an impress to a woman by doing it. But nowadays, especially mature and already earner women, they wanted to pay half-half when they go for a date, just because they think if they don't go well together, it will just become fair for both.
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Maybe the half half idea should be the best bet for daters that way no body feel cheated but if a man can so be it.
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This is even isn't a question from the way I'm seeing it and what I understand in initiation of relationship at the first instance. If you asked anyone out on a date, you are supposed to be the one who pays the bill when the date is over, even whether things go your way or against your wish for the date.

It's so very wrong to ask someone out on a date and the person suspended every other things that he or she is doing to spend time with you and your eventually end up disappointing the person by expecting the person to pay for the date bill especially when you are the man who asked a girl out on a date.

I'm not trying to say that a lady shouldn't pay for the date bill, what I'm trying to say is that the bill would only be paid if the lady is the one who asked the man out on a date and it's if the man agrees to it.
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Yea,I support the invite out dating and tabs taken by such a person. It doesn't make sense having the another person picking the bills.
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Definitely the person who ask for a date should spend for a date. Asking for a date is asking a person to spend time with you, and for most people time is very important, and I think it is improper for the person to ask for a date and let the person spend his/her time and money. It's inappropriate. But if the person is your friend and open-minded, you can ask the person for both of you to spend or simply ask for a part of the total amount of the cost of your date. If you want  to have a date with someone, I suggest tell her/him the truth, I believe the person will surely understand your situation and will agree to spend time and money with you, especially if the person likes you. The person will see on how you handle things and if his/her time is worth spending with you.
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Well stated. I don't even think it even nice to invite out for a date and now leave the bill on them.it kinda wrong.
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The thing is that relationships is always meant for two persons that are mature enough to be in one and for that reason, I think that they should be a gap between who is picking a bill and who is not doing so. I have always said that as a man, you should be able to take good care of the woman when we talk of getting in line with anything that got to do with going on a date.

I have always seen this question and it is not really nice when the lady is the one that is saying that the man must pick it. On a normal level, it is a duty that is meant for the man, but this does not mean that the woman should not make attempts to pick such bills when they are out having fun.

The ladies that are mature and always making incomes should realize that there is nothing wrong to take your man on a date as well.
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Yea,the issue should be anyone that asked for the date whether man or woman should pick the bills.
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The moment a date is mentioned it is mostly believe that it a man who put the request on the table and he should be responsible for the bills that comes out of the date.
It is not bad if the lady takes care of the bill,  though this most times depends the level of your intimacy before the date,  I have had experience where we had a date which both of fixed, we actually had a nice time with her, in the end a bill was brought and I offered to pay she didn't allow me, she pleaded she should pay, I tried to but she convinced me that after all the venue is more closer to her house so she is the host so it depends on your commitment to the relationship.
It is not bad if either of you pay for the date because it might be only once that you guys might go on a date.
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Wow, this sounds great this was okay because she volunteered to pay not those that will impose it on the other person.
It won't be reasonable to impose payment on a lady, as a man if she offers to pay you refuse but if she insist you can let go. 
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I think that when you invite someone out on a date, you shouldn't expect them to pay. If they do, then it's a bonus. Boy or girl,  you should have that courtesy to take the responsibility. Imagine I just call you up and invite you out when you never had any plans or budget to do that.

A lady should pay when she invites a person. This is the way it should be. You'll mostly find that with time, people get to understand more about each other after sometime. Based on that  they can make decisions about dates and payments.

There's really no big deal about it. Some people have made it like a rules for the guy to be paying on all dates whether he invited them or not. It doesn't have to be like that all the time. In fact, that Era is really over now.
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A date should be more or less a partnership where everyone should be active in it. Bills if need to be splited can be done without stress.
I don't think it reasonable to share bills in this case especially if is between opposite sex, one person should take care of it. 
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Both of you are oblige to pay. Gender equality. It does not mean that he is a man, he will be the one to pay for your date. You should both pay equally because both of you have work, both of you eats the same food. There is no greater or lesser gender.
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The responsibility of paying for the date lies with the person who invited the date. You can't invite someone for a date without knowing the financial position of the person only to ask him pay. He may be financially down at that moment . It is wise to discuss bills before the actual date to avoid embarrassment.
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The one who is asking for a date should pay all the bills. If Woman call man for a date, she should pay a bill. If men does, he should pay the bill. Mostly men are paying bills. 
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