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I don't compute daily earnings, I compute it base how much I received payments. I don't have always received payments every month, so if I compute probably since I joined Answeree I can say $1 a day. I have other earning sites like taking surveys but, I don't earn that much. Last month I earned $70 alone doing surveys and took me 2 months to accumulate, basically just $1 a day if compute. I am happy with it even though its not always but just an extra  income online. Rather than being on social media all the time and no extra income from there. Though these $1 a day is only from one site, and i have numerous earning sites, like here at Answeree and other surveys sites like Toluna, Pureprofile, Myopinions, OpInionworld, and Perceptive.
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Then you're not doing badly if you can earn at least a dollar per site then with 5 sites daily at least $5 is isn't much but it sure will help out alot.
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I work on different sites daily to earn different amounts daily though they are not paid to my direct as I earn them but I set my target to always hot my desire amount every month.
Currently,  on beer money forum, if I am very active in. A day in posting threads I can earn more than $ 1 with out stress.
On amswerree I can earn at $0.8 dollar daily base on the nature of the reward and the payment pattern.

Forum coin is also anothe good site though very low paying but reliable and consistent,  I Earn approximately $0.15 - $2 daily from this site.
While i was active on digital global forum I could earn as hgher, I could earn as high as $2 daily if I am very active.
The other sites where i still make more money are bitcoin faucets where i Earn crptocurrencies and the exchange if they are fun.

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