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Of course! Working full-time at home is much more preferable to working full-time in an office across town.

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Yeah, I would love to get a well paid job online to get me productive all day instead of wasting time of things that ain't worth it. For me, online job is perfect if only it can cater for all my needs. It's just unfortunate there are no good payable sites on the web space instead we have sites that pay meagre amount that one can't rely on for anything.
The money realized from these revenue sharing sites can't even take care of one's bills talk more of helping one to establish something tangible like starting a business, building a house, buying a car, and many more of one's earnest aspirations.

My foray in online job hasn't turned out positive financially speaking. Previously, I was into article writing on freelancer site, which I was so eager about right from the beginning. But as time progressed, I had to give it up temporarily due to unfavourable working conditions. And now working on answeree it seen by me as a pastime, not necessarily for the money. I just thank God I have other sources of income.
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It can be daunting though with online jobs when we can't easily get something tangible for all our efforts. I hope next year comes with great sites. 
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I find it more handy when you I work online, but I cannot find enough income online yet. So, I am still figuring out what best online income I can do so I can spend more time with my kids, rather than going physically at work and have a boss and then pay the daycare or Kindy for my children to look after. In the country where I am now, it is not cheap to leave children at day care center since you need to pay day to day basis expenses, plus petrol is not cheap either. If I compute the expenses and the salary I earn nothing, and can't have enough time with my kids.So, I hope I can find the right job for me online and good income of course to cover the expenses we have at home. For now, I only earning extra online, my partner who always work fulltime is the main income earner.
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I think this is a good idea instead of leaving the kids in the hands of total strangers you can just find jobs online no matter how small and still have time for your kids.
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For once, I don't really think that I should be aiming to be working online on a full time basis no matter the situation that we find ourselves. One of the things that I have noticed about being a freelancer is that there are times that you may not really get the type of work that will be able to fend for themselves needs that you want to pay for during the month.

This is one of the reasons I think that I should be looking offline work that I can use to augment the works that I do online. Also, there is this idea that it is not everytime that you will be available to perform duties for your clients which is one of the reasons people may not get the payroll that they want in a month. I have noticed that this will limit the plans that we have each month as well. So, I prefer to work part time on the internet rather.
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Why not,if offline work is better then by all means one can settle for it and make online work part will be wise that way.
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Yes I wish to work full time time online considering the freedom that I will have when I work online,  the boss of my own self the comfort zone,  the flexibility as to how, when,  where and how I do my job online to make money.
The basic challenges for me to work fulltime online are lack of professional skills like web designing, programming and other freelancing activities that will earn me the required amount that will able to care of my needs monthly another factor is the sustainability of most online earning sites,  because if one venture into in full time and it eventually crash it will disastrous. Affiliate marketing would have been a very good option because it can fetch up to $500 monthly which is a good one but the capital to get it running fully is another challenge.
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I can totally relate to those disadvantages but working full time can be very easy and we'll paying if we have the needed skills. I hope more better payrate site springs up. 
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I know people who doing very fine online because they have skills such that they earn close $800 monthly from affiliate marketing alones.  It is their full time job. 

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