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At some stage yes,  but some opinion is 50-50 wether the dental flossing is helping gums or not. I have heard that frequent flossing is not good for the gums, instead of making it clean,some gums will be infected because too much will hurt the enamel of the teeth causing more buildup of plaque. I am not expert about teeth or toothache but, I keep my teeth clean and away from plaque by eating fruits even when I was a kid. MY dental floss is eating guava fruit, because it will clean your gums and away from plaque. Of course, not everyone will do that, but that's how I grow up and brushing teeth twice or after meal is our routine. But, time changes, and now I can't eat anymore guava because there is no available fruit from where I live. But apple fruit can help and I am trying to do that now. I don't normally go to dentist nowadays because its too expensive for dental cleaning. Maybe one day for once in a while I will visit dentist for cleaning up, because brushing along and eating apple is not enough.
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Flossing does help your teeth and gums. Decay is constant process on our gums and teeth. This process is enhanced by particles of food,candy, etc. retained in the crevices of our teeth and gums. Flossing helps to remove this unwanted debris by by getting into these crevices and minute areas where tooth brushing cannot reach. Bacteria grows in these occult areas which damage them and cause eventual pain. People lose their teeth because of decay derived from infections flossing may prevent. Worse some strains of bacteria which cause heart disease originate in the mouth and infiltrate into the blood. Simple flossing and brushing may allow you to have your teeth for this life long adventure. Strongly suggest getting into the habit of flossing 2-3 times per day and brushing twice. Thank you for allowing me to answer this question. Mark Davis MD

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