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Beans is also one of my favorite foods. I have a way of combining eating beans with bread and it tastes so good. 
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I missed eating Asian foods and it makes me hungry to read some answers.

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I love Afang soup and eba. This is a popular food in South south of Nigeria and it prepared mostly for special occasions, events, ceremonies and for visitors. Nobody will ever eat a well prepared afang soup and wouldn't asked for more. It is both nutritious and delicious.
This dish is very expensive to prepare and it good one has some good amount of money when thinking of preparing one.

The ingredients needed for this dish are:
Afang leaves




Cow leg

Assorted meat (sarki and beef)


Palmoil in quantum

Salt and Maggi to taste

Dry fish

Snails and pork (optional)

The recipe is a simple one but it needs to be strictly followed to get the normal taste of the soup and this can eaten with either foofoo or eba.
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I like soup too, one of my dish to go with rice and fried fish.
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My favorite dish when it comes to meal is beans. I love beans so much that there is no any other elaborate meal you would give me that I'll accept in place of it. Interestingly, beans has always been my favorite meal, and my love for it started right from when I was kid, and ever since then no any other food has been able to replace it.

In order to tell you how I love beans, I eat beans virtually on daily basis, and if I want to skip a day without eating beans would be only a day. I guess my love for beans began with its sweetness plus, the knowledge on how proteinous it is, and also being aware of its nutritional heath benefits. Another thing that made me to love beans is its versatility. Beans can be eaten with anything carbohydrate you can think of such bread, yam, potatoes, pap, oatmeal, plantain, etc. Funny enough, you can also make beans soup, which happens to my favourite.

Surprising, preparation of beans does not require much ingredients like other foods. It is the simplest food to cook, but you have to be patient for it to be properly cooked as it takes longer time for it to get done.

All you would need as ingredients to cook beans are; salt, water, dried pepper, palm oil, onions, greyfish or fish if you wish to garnish it with any of the sea foods. You may also add other spices like thyme, curry powder, vegetables like pumpkin leaf or green leaf, won't be bad in it, too.
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Never eat beans for long time now, and it sound yummy for me.
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My Fav Dish is Chicken Biryani. I have tasted this in a nearby restaurant...A highly aromatic well seasoned one pot dish originally from India that has a perfect balance of chicken meat, rice, and veggies...The most flavourful rice dish you can dream of...

Chicken Biryani is served in different varieties in all states of India. Apart from Hindus...other religions will serve this Chicken Biryani on their festival day and other special occasions...The best food for non veg lovers I can suggest is Chicken Biryani..since you asked for my favourite dish i said this so try this in your home and let me know your experience on tasting this wornderful dish with your family and friends....

Top Restaurant in Chennai


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I almost eat Chicken meat the entire week before, but now I minimize it, yours sounds delish.
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I really have a lot to pick from but I'll just talk about one of them; masa. Masa in my country is rice pudding. It is made out of jasmine rise. It is mostly served with soups, grilled meat, sugar honey or grounded groundnut cake.
To prepare mass, you'll need:

Raw jasmine rice
Precooked jasmine rice
Baking soda
Egg (optional)
Oil for frying.

First you need to soak the raw rice for at least eight hours. Grind together with precooked rice to slightly thick paste. Proof your yeast, add sugar, salt and baking soda. Cover for another eight hours. When it is set, add the egg mix well and fry.

Mass has a special pan for frying. I know the method is cumbersome but it is so worth it. It has a sweet, salty crunchy and a taste in between sour.
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Definitely I want to est this type of food, is a unique one and sounds really tasty.
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Personally, I have a huge preference for African local dishes. The reason why I love African local dishes is that they are mostly heavy food and being the heavy eating type of person, such African local dishes are perfect to soothe my hunger whenever I eat them.

There are so many African local dishes that I have so much love for but I'm just going to discuss few of my favorite ones because I enjoy eating more often. Among my favorite African local dishes, swallow with bitter left soup is my number one on the chart. Whenever I eat swallow with bitter leaf soup, it gives me maximum satisfaction I need from food and I wouldn't feel hungry for a very long time. There are sometimes that I would eat swallow once and I wouldn't eat anymore in the day.
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That is really interesting, I like diverse foods, and exploring different taste buds.

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