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I hate driving to destinations that would take me 30 minutes to arrive at, it's long distance journey I love to embark on. 

So, any driving that will take up to 3-10 hours is what I'm looking forward to. 
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Really? So you don't like traveling and you just wanted to look around nearby where you live? I think traveling places is fun.

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It's not a question if I can drive because, I very well can drive any car except trucks because I'm very afraid of driving long trucks as I believe that it's difficult controlling its turning at junctions. I have seen some truck drivers battle with dealing head on when turning at junction and I know it's not an easy task.

Now, coming to small cars, I can easily drive them to anywhere as long as the cars are in good condition. Normally, I prefer driving on a far road trip than within the town. I hate braking too often because of obstruction. But when the journey involves highway driving, it's what I fancy most.
I heard that it's very possible drive from Nigeria to Ghana, so I'm weighing up the possibility to making such driving trip to another country.
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You always needed the braking control just to be safe on our journey while we drive.
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It is not an issue if I can drive because I know how to drive expertly. Driving for me is fun, I just love to be on the steering wheel navigativing the nooks and cranies of my city. This day I find it quite unimteresting to drive because most places I drive to this days are places I have plied repeatedly. For this reason, I need something adventurous when it comes to driving. I would really prefer embarking on a journey maybe outside the present place I am living in or to another neigbouring country.
I have a feeling that driving for long distance would really get me reinvigorated because I am beginning to feel some level of boredom in the present territory I am living in. A cruise far away from this zone to another will do a lot in lightening up my mood.
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Yeah, driving into places repeatedly is not that exciting anymore,but you can drive far from where you from and go to places you want to visit.
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Presently I can drive and I have drive in my any occasions. I trust you asked this question because you can also drive, I know it is always a desire if any person that can drive to yawn to drive a particular type of car and even a certain place. Mine is is not an exception. ISince the young age when my dad usually take me along to the far northern part of my country, i have being nursing the similar ambition that some day in the future, if I'm permitted by God, i kept the desire till now.
The highest distance I've ever drive is 100km which is a joke to the distance of my dream which is 1300km away from my home.
The reason for my ambition is not far from the fact that, I intends to use such long distance to test my driving ability and endurance.

The road is smooth and highly tempting to speed even beyond limit. I believe I'm travel through the road soon.
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I do drive and I wouldn't mind driving to my dream place Paris.i have this in my bucket-list and I want to have a nice time with family I have been saving up to give them a surprise trip but some things have been coming up to make me divert the funds but hopefully I should be able to save up for good next year.

I love road trip and if it possible to  have a road trip there why not it will really be fun. At least I will be in charge and can stop by to get all the kind of food or packs one really need and not eating what is offered like in the plane.

With driving myself I'm able to see the world at it's best, lot of sighseeing on the way and money at be saved too.

Will get to renewed my love in the city of love,if possible packlock our love at the love Bridge.
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I think that getting to Paris is something that will involve boarding a plane which is something that is pretty cool. 

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