There are some people in the world where they like their place spotless and no mess, where do you belong?
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Personally, I don't think I can ever be comfortable with staying in a dirty house or environment. I won't be able to eat in such places because it puts my health at risk. 

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Remember the health saying that goes like this, "Cleanliness is next to godliness", personally I'm a good adherer of this word concept because it pays better be a living in a clean and well maintained tidy environment. Our health can be complicated by so many things that people take for granted and germs are one of the things that puts our health at risk if you are not careful.

You food can easily get contaminated when your house is not clean. Saying it's going to be spotless would be considered an exaggerated saying but to a very good extent, the house and everything in it should be kept clean to avoid breeding of germs and bacteria. One thing that easily noticed in a house that is dirty and unkempt is houseflies hovering about. It's very disgusting.
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I think it would be completely absurd for anybody to leave where he/she stays in a messy state. How where you stay look tells a lot about who you are as person. You can't claim to be neat on the outside while where you stay is the opposite. The bible said that 'cleanness is next to Godliness. If you are the dirty type, it shows that you're not having the presence of God with you because God can not dwell in a dirty environment.

 When it comes to me, I have zero level of tolerance for dirty places. For that, I can't see myself inhabiting a place that is not neat. Without sounding boastful, I have always been a clean guy right from when I was a kid, and this attitude hasn't changed a bit, but instead I have grown comsistently in maintaining the good habit of ensuring where I stay is sparkingly neat.
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I like to tidy up real nice. I can't stay in an untidy environment. It makes me really uncomfortable and irritated. This means that I won't be at peace until the job is done. I got this habit from my mother and even with all the these, I think I'm only half as clean as she is. She taught me how to clean and that has been with me ever since.

I find it difficult to comprehend why people will see filth and stay in it like it is a bed of roses. There's nothing good or appealing about dirt. Dirt and untidiness doesn't put out a good word for you. It can even make you sick, people can avoid you.

Every individual is a unit that extends to the community and the world at large. We need to be clean and not just for ourselves but for the rest of the world.
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Spotless maybe but I just detest a dirty environment because I don't see the need or benefits of that.Being dirty or ever staying in a dirty place or an environment that is filled with Filth is so not classic and a sane person wouldn't want to find self in such a place.

Dirt or Filth comes with it's own pains.First it will affect our health, unclean environment can pollute even the air we breathe and this can make us fall sick unnecessarily. Even the water we will drink will be polluted. There will be lots of flies, cockroaches and flying insect in the home. The place will be having a foul smell all the time because the air circulated all the time isn't pure.

To protect our selves from bad health,hazards and outbreaks we must keep everywhere clean and if possible spotless.
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I am always concerned about the cleanliness of my surroundings including whee I sit, cook, eat and sleep. It's always good to maintain cleanliness to avoid break out of diseases such as cholera, typhoid and bilhazia 
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