Have you ever been robbed at gunpoint.share your experience.
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That's the only thing I don't want to happen to me and my family, we don't have that mich anyway so if they rob us what they get is just a broken things at home.
Some don't only come to steal but cause harm and injury to the home. So if they don't even come around the better. 

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I have had an issue of some people robbing me while I was away from my place. Though, this situation did not happen at gun point, I have to admit that the items that was stolen away from me still pains me till this moment as it was all my fault of not being able to take my laptop while I was traveling.

When I analyze this situation and put it into perspective of how people that are being robbed at gun point feel, I would say that it is not a pleasant experience. The world that we are living in is one that we should always live in peace and security of lives being at the top priority of what the government thinks and do.

I have heard stories of people being killed after they were robbed at gun point and I imagine how bad the family will feel about that kind of situation.
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Sorry about your loss,it can be very devastating for victims especially those that are maimed or even killed in the process.i just hope the government can provide more security for the masses. 
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I was brought up in a military home by an army dad and the sweetest mum anyone could ever ask for. This means that almost my entire life was lived in a secure military barracks where you don't get to experience domestic violence or cases of bugglaries or robberies.

When my dad got retired from the military, we moved to a permanent home somewhere in the suburbs. I guess we got too used to barracks living condition that we didn't take security as top priority. We often slept with our doors closed without bordering to include the lock as we got used to when living in the military base.

On one unfortunate day, our negligence put the entire family at risk. At about 2am, the entire estate was surrounded by armed men. They got into our house easily as it wasn't locked properly. I remember waking up to a gun pointed at my head. This was my first experience with armed robbery. Thankfully no one got hurt.
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Yes I have twice. Once in a nightclub where I put my bag down and someone stole it. It was found in a toilet but my money and perfume had gone. 

Another time a man approached me while I was sat on a park bench. He started to talk to me but I didn't like him and kept turning away. Thieves depend on this and he managed to get my wallet out of my bag without me noticing and ran off.

I am far more careful with my stuff now as I know how easily it can happen.
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I have been robbed twice before but not on a gun  point.  I have been robbed a phone through  pick  pocket and I didn't notice.  The other one,  the person stole from my back pack and I didn't hear anything.  I think these people  usually use some charms so that we don't get to hear when they're  stealing  from us. 
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I have never and would not wish  for it to happen again. My father in law was robbed way back in 2019 but luckily enough he was not harmed. The robbers took all the valuables in the house and went away. 
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I never experienced being robbed at gunpoint. If it happens, then it would be a traumatic experience for me. I am just a victim of pickpocketers.
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No at gunpoint, but some thief comes to the home to take money. They come in night and took daddy watch,money. It was very scary experience for me.
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I may consider this as robbed but I've never been hold upped by someone but someone took my bag at a grocery store and I was unable to pay my items. It's snatched and I have no idea what did happened that time.
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