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I operate some days on eating once a day I always loved to skip breakfast and this healthy for the body.
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At the moment, I'm very comfortable with skipping my morning and afternoon meal. But I normally eat around 7pm at night and it's as a result of being on OMAD diet. 

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As they say one man's food is another man's poison. You know yourself better and thus you know what works better for you. If this pattern of eating only lunch is okay by you and it doesn't have any effect on your general well being, you can keep up.

As for me, opposite is the case because I always try to eat breakfast no matter where I am rushing to in the morning. And also ensure I must eat dinner before going to bed because if I don't, I can't sleep well at night. Although it is not all the time I am consistent with this pattern, because there are times the bowel will refuse to clean itself up, and for this reason I might not see the need to fill it up, because I usually don't eat unless I am hungry. Hence I only eat when I am hungry even though it's lunch which I often skip. Interestingly, there are times I can stay a whole day without eating maybe until I am hungry. In this case, I might decide to eat only once in a day too just like you.
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Well,mine isn't necessarily about when I'm hungry if I just want to lose some pounds of weight this will help me fight weight gain. 
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Without being told I already know that would be your reason which is weight loss. But may tell you the honest truth that, it's not what you don't eat but what you eat that helps in weight management. I don't see the need of you starving yourself all in the name of wanting to lose weight. What is there is, make sure what you eat is always 100% free from substances that contribute to weight gain, and back this practice up with regular physical activities. You'd be wowed how you'll progress in your weight loss plans.
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Skipping your meal is bot good for health, some people will say that fasting or not eating is for cleansing. No one will die if you cannot eat in a day as long as you drink lots of water. People most believe including me, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day just because, our last dinner is more than 12 hours ago and our stomach is empty that needs to fuel in the first meal of the day. It will help you keep going the whole day. I don't really skip my meal because I am still breastfeeding my second child. I always feel hungry most of the time due to this. You can skip one meal of the day if you don't feel hungry at all, but if your stomach is asking for a meal, why can't you just give it. It is for your system and overall health anyway.
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Well,I'm trying to lose some kg of weight and I think skipping meals will be helpful. If I'm to go by hunger pangs I might not achieve it. I just have to be determined. 
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Just eat small meal every meal if you want to loose weight, and 30 minutes right before breakfast, drink warm water with lemon and honey. This works for me and with my friend also who told me the same.
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I know meals are really important. I understand why we have the traditional breakfast, lunch, dinner system but I feel like ideally, people's body systems differ and everyone has a pattern that works for them. Some may end up over weight if they eat regularly like that because of slow metabolism, others may do just fine with the menu and some others require more.

I can skip either lunch or dinner, or maybe eat in between but I seldom skip breakfast just like that. I need the energy to  alert my body system and start up my day. Afterwards, I eat according to how much more my body needs and not by the prescribed menu.

I feel like people should understand how exactly their body system works so that they can eat accordingly. It doesn't always have to be three times a day. It could be more or less. This depends on your metabolism and physical activities.
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Yea,I don't think it mandatory to have three square meals daily . Intermittent fasting can be very useful too to the body. 

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