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Does anyone know about the SEO ( search engine optimization) methods, strategy? Does our website really need to be polished by SEO optimization to Crawled, enhance and boost on top with our keywords in a search engine?

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Doing SEO includes several common steps while strategies are changed time to time. SEO can be classified as on page and off page. See this previous answer by me When talking in general people may be thinking about on page SEO. Here are a few starting steps 1) Your own domain preferably a short length one. Because the permalink should be under 65 character for the best viewing on search pages. 2) Use wise titles for your pages. A short but well descriptive and meaningful title. And preferably it should be a term people search for. 3) Post only content that is useful to visitors. Useful here means a content which provides some value to its visitors. The most important thing in SEO. 4) Don't simply repeat your keywords as there is no use. Instead it will give you negative results. Be natural in writing. There should some keywords as well as phrases that point to these keywords naturally. There you will win for sure. Just write unique and useful content about topics people are searching about. 5) Always put relevant content along with your pages or posts. Related posts will help much. Never have irrelevant links on your posts. Along with all these you should confirm that your posts are likeable by yourself as a reader.
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SEO functions as an engine of the digital marketing process, no online company can be successful without the support of the Digital marketing. SEO is most cost-effective marketing strategies as it specifically targets users that are actively looking for the products and services over the internet.  

SEO consists of several steps like technical site audit to identify scope of improvements, keyword research to identify best possible keywords to target for your website / business, on page optimization using your target keywords list, off page optimization especially content marketing, local seo and finally social media optimization.

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There are lots of techniques are there in SEO first, you want to learn how to do the on page and off optimization and in that you should practice a lot to know how the websites are getting ranked and indexing.Different types of SEO are there like White hat SEO,Gray hat SEO,Black hat SEO in this you should do only the white hat SEO because that is a pure SEO It won't get banned in the Google when you do the black hat SEO means Google will consider that they are not following the rules while doing this and they will de-index the page. So be careful while doing the SEO it will take along time to get indexed but it is the correct way to do it and if you need any assistance on the digital marketing services you can visit this site they are providing best services.
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SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be drilled down to

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Technical SEO

On Page SEO is the SEO strategies for your website and web pages. On Page SEO is done by adding keywords on your website name and description, adding keywords on your content title, subtitle and the body, adding meta tags to your web contents and website.

Off page SEO is building backlins and social signals. Backlinks are the links that point to your website from other websites. Social signals are the links, shares you get on social media sites when you share your link.

Technical SEO is related improving user experience and user interface. Technical SEO also means improving your site loading speed.

In order to improve your SERP, you have to do all of these SEO strategies.
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SEO is not a easy to do it but once you learned how to do everything in SEO it will be easy to do to your website or to any clients when you are going to deal with so try to practice every part of SEO and gain a indepth knowledge in that and implement it. These are the important factors you should remember when you are dealing with SEO like On page and Off page optimization, White-hat SEO and Black-hat SEO and Content in your website you should not copy from other website and paste it in your site you should be very careful while doing these kind of things in the SEO. If you need any help you can contact this company for assistance they are helping so many people to increase their website ranking and getting traffic organically.

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Two types are there in SEO

  • ON-page
  • OFF-page

ON page SEO is customizing the web page (Landing page design)

Putting the right title, good meta description, image size, page loading time and some other stuff falls under ON-page SEO.

OFF-page SEO means creating backlinks from third party sites referring to our domain. The site you are going to create a backlink must have high Domain Authority, Page Authority.

Two categories or practices are available in SEO.

  • Black Hat SEO
  • White Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO

Black Hat: The name itself explains. Black Hat SEO is the practice against the search engine guidelines.

White Hat: Practice following the search engine guidelines.

Grey Hat: Combination of both white and black hat SEO. 

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