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A lot of my friends are moving to Dubai for better job opportunities but I am not sure if Dubai is the best country to go for job hunting because I see it as a more tourist and luxury country. 

What do you think? 

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5 Answers

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I have friends too and friends of friends working in Dubai. I see them happy working out there and comfortable. I think Dubai is known as good for investment in terms of business, they have good economy and most fast phase among the other countries. Both tourist spots and business in Dubai is a good investments, from beautiful  cities and buildings. And also, Dubai has its restrictions, I saw one of my friend having a vacation in one place in Dubai, I think it's a sacred place, she is wearing whole dress covering her face too. I am not sure if it's necessary but, that's how you have to respect Dubai, especially their belief. I like Dubai because they have big beautiful buildings that anyone wanted to visit. Either for tourist or business or you are planning to work in Dubai, it's a good choice.
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I have heard about the good working condition and experience of most people in Dubai, it seems interesting but I keep wondering if as a result of the part of world being a pure Arab and Muslim world, does it affect the trend of things in the country? 
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I don't think so about trend, they still gollow their belief as a muslim thats how strict they are. And I'm still wondering too, since thay are open to any investors in their country. My friend working one of the mall they are wearing normal jeans and tshirt. So, maybe in sacred place they obeying their beliefs. 
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Yea, I think it only in the sacred places do one has to wear anything apart from Muslim wears.i know they are strict with that and it must be followed strictly.
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Yes,a lot of people are moving especially from my country to Dubai in search of greener pastures,I always thought so too that it mostly a tourist place where one can get in for some pleasure but from what I have heard it seem job opportunities and busines really strive there.

Dubai from what I read is a good place where one can get very good  jobs with high salaries and wages but with minimal income tax and busines can be lucrative too there but one just have to be very careful too. As a Muslim country they have their laws and culture that they don't joke with so one must be conversant with them so as to stay on the good side of the law either in carrying out ones duties as a worker or a business owner.
Money can be made from Dubai I believe it isn't just a tourism country.
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You mentioned exactly what I have serious concerns about moving to Dubai and it's as a result of the country being an Islamic country. 

You know how violent such part of the world can be when it comes to religion matters, I don't think that it's safe to be there if you are not a Muslim. 
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Well,we have Muslim too in Nigeria and they just woke up to start fighting anyone.True Muslims don't do that and we shouldn't be afraid of that. One just have to be on the good side of the law. 
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Although I haven't been there, but from what I gather, Dubai is good for both business and tourism purposes. Both subjects are inter related depending on how you look at it. I like to think that the core reasons for tourism isn't just about sight seeking, it's also about showing off the entire region, place or country to the visitors. In doing so, it's most likely for tourists to develop other interest, interest like business ventures. Dubai is one of many countries which has been able to recognize this particular advantage of tourism. And that's the main reason why the government spends billions in developing breath taking sites in a bid to draw more people to the country.

From the stand point of business, Dubai is a fast growing economy and eager to compete and make a stand on the world stage, that's if it hasn't already. For this sole reason, the government has made business conditions very favorable to intended starters. Policies and regulations are at the easiest to deal with unlike already developed nations. Asides the ease in government policies, there's also huge demands for goods and proximity to emerging markets. This is what makes business lucrative in Dubai.
Tourism on the other hand is at all time high due to the factors mentioned above and also the country's policies of dominating and expanding it's presence in the world thereby opening it's doors to almost everyone from any part of the world to visit for leisure or business purposes.

Which ever way you look at it, everything Dubai does now that revolves around business and tourism is for the purposeful development of the nation.
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It is common of sense that wherever there is tourist activities there must be corresponding booming of business activities there, which is widely applicable in Dubai's case. It is understandable that often times whenever Dubai is mentioned, the first thing that comes to people's mind is tourism. Oh yes, Dubai is a tourist destination due to resources they put into that sector, and it has been tremendously fruitful for them in revenue generation as huge number of people keep traveling to that part of the world for leisure.

Well, the business aspect of the country is also as lucrative as the tourist side of it because the sightseeing attraction of the country usually get the attention of visitors, which could lure them to invest in the country's business. And let's not forget in a hurry the country is one of the major oil producing states in the world. This alone has already made it commercial hub for all kinds of business activities. Aside from oil, they are also known for so many other business-related ventures like clothings, jewelries accessories etc.

But one thing one must have at the back of his/her mind is that Dubai is a Muslim state, which makes them to be very conservative with the tenets of Islam, and so they are not like other countries that anybody can come and start living/doing anyhow. And so if you plan going to seek for greener pasture there, just get yourself prepared to live according to their laws of Islam.
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The watch word is being on the good side of the law.This is where people always get it wrong when they want to start misbehaving.When once one is on the good side then one is safe.
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That's just it. But most people always find it to adapt to laws they are not used to which could prove very dangerous for them. Mind you ignorance is not an excuse of violating a laid down laws especially those Islam states.
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In my opinion Dubai is both business and tourism.  If yo take a close and sensitive study to both business and tourism you will discovered that they are related. The major source of income generation in Dubai is tourism.
I have friends who are also in Dubai and I was told if you are there as a foreigner you will have lots of job opportunities available because the indigines don't really engaged in jobs and there government takes of their citizens very well.
There are some rich men in my country that travel to Dubai to invest there and they also embark tourist visits to different places where they tap from their initiatives that will improve their home base business especially estate developer and hotel managers.  So it is best for business and tourism
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