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What all money earning programs do you participate? Which technique do you prefer the most? Which money making program has high payment rates as you know?
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My first online payment was earned on a freelance writing gig. Although the money wasn't that much but the review and recommendation was more than enough for me, because without good profile, it is pretty hard to be given jobs by employers as they prefer those freelancers with attractive profile for their projects.
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My first payout online was from iPanelonline from Philippines, and I just leave it in my Paypal account because I don't have any card at that time. So when I moved herein New Zealand, I used it to watch movies online.
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My first online payment was from Fiverr, which is an online mar ketplace for freelancers to sell their services. 

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I use to write for several blog sites that had a very high rate of pay. Some sites paid as much as $75 for a 300-word article. The sites were difficult to get approved on and your work posted online. They were technical writing sites that dealt with Internet security, cyberbullying, SEO and a few other topics like this. I normally wrote for these companies 3 to 4 times a week and most of the time my articles were accepted immediately. A few were rejected because they didn't like the image I supplied with my article.

I have also done website building and built up the site to sell it off for a profit. Another adventure was in affiliate marketing and it earned quite a handsome reward when you had a good site to post on and could sell the items. But what earned me the most money online was writing and selling eBooks for Data Recovery. One of my books sold for $500 and the series of books I wrote sold for $1250. I had 10 books I wrote on this subject and I sold a large number of books. Then one day the tool I had written the books on no longer updated their software and people stopped using this tool. I ended up not selling the books after this even though people still requested them from me. I didn't want to ask people for money for a book about a tool that could no longer help them.
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I have tried to make profits from POD sites, such as Zazzle, viralstyle, Merch by Amazon, but I have not received any earnings yet. It is quite difficult when you are a stranger in the network.

Fortunately, in a Colombian site, I have been able to make profits, selling designs.

I hope to have luck with this site.
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My first online earning was $1 from beer money forum,before that I had tried several PTC sites but non of them had worked for me because I had worked for 2 months and was really far from cashing out.I even went ahead to upgrade my account in one of the PTC site called nanobux because I was guaranteed $3 profit each month.Unfortunately,they took the cash and never upgraded my account, when I sent them a ticket asking them,they blocked my account and since then have never heard anything from them.
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Most of us we usually start from PTC sites but if you're from top tier countries, then you'll be lucky getting several surveys sites and you can make upto $50 per month.

Till upto now I haven't attained my goal concerning the amount I can earn per month from online.

Have tried writing and selling articles in articlesale but the whole process was getting slow and I could wait upto two months to get a buyer. Am still figuring the best articles to submit to iwriter so that I complete my whole application process.

Finally am.still studying blogging online and in two years time or one year I'll be somewhere  and hopefully I'll attain my monthly goal.
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For me when I started using a site to earn it was a very fun experience, I had to play games in my computer in order to earn points which later you can exchange for cash or to shop online with the points earned. I exchanged my points for PayPal money and within  24 hours  I got the money in my account.
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When most of them run behind the PTC sites and all. When I started working online I have joined In a captcha working site.its really very frustrating and stressful to work on captcha sites.

I felt really bore and stressful,I have stopped working on those sites,I suggest no one to do that.even though it is legit ,it's very time taking..

Now I'm only concentrated on paid per post ,and surveys sites ,I also enjoy working on games application .
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I earned my first payout of $10 from the PTC site clixsense. They send me a cheque for that from London. When I tried to deposit the cheque in my account, I was told that transaction charges will eat away the amount since it was an overseas cheque. 

So I lost interest and keeping that cheque as a memorabilia. I like 'pay per view' article writing sites. No money making program has high payment rates.
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My first money online was $5 from postloop. It came at a time when I almost gave up trying to earn money online. I was new to the methods of earning online and I believed almost everything I read about online money making hence I tried and failed. It turned out that I was mostly wasting my time and resources until I learned about paid to post forums.

I was a little skeptical about doing the ten test posts on postloop but I did it anyways and I got a rating of 4.3. I thought it wasn't bad so I continued there until I earned my first cash. I was ecstatic about it and I wanted more. I joined the forumwheel, beermoneyforum, forumforu, and forumcoin afterwards. I can say that since then, it has been awesome earning online.
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My very first online earning site was called WebAnswers which was a Q&A site very similar to Answeree.  However the payment system was a little different in that we had to link our account to Google Adsense and get paid through them.  Unfortunately it has now gone.

Since then I have tried many ways of earning, paid forums, reward sites, small task sites, ptc sites. I have settled with two forums, one reward site,  one small task site and now Answeree which is very new to me. I'm always searching for new ways to earn as I like variety and for me Grabpoints  is my fastest earning site as I can cash out around £10 a fortnight quite easily.
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I have only just started working online and I'm very glad I was lucky enough to find the websites that have paid me. The first website that ever paid me was Postloop. It's a paid-to-post website where you'll be paid to post threads and replies on different forums. You'll first have to pass a little test consisting of posting 10 posts, just so that they'd evaluate your writing skills. Once you're approved, you're ready to go. I also worked on some websites where I had to write and edit articles for them. Their pay rate is great and they accept people from all over the world and they need writers for different languages. The website is called Merit Crowd. I'm also working as a transcriptionist with GoTranscription.
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Several years back I found myself unemployed and decided to try working from home, making money online.  I knew that I had writing skills but could not find a site where I could work and earn money online.  Most sites charged a fee to sign up.  Finally found a site that was based in Canada.  It was free to join.  All I had to do was submit a writing sample.  I submitted a sample.  I was approved.  I published my first article at suite101(dot)com.  It was a thrill to see an article on the web with my name being credited as the writer.  It was $5 for every 1000 unique views.  It was another thrill when I received my first payment.  From that point on, started trying to find other writing opportunities to earn extra income.  Joined forums, social blogging communities, online writing communities, etc.  I prefer sites that allow me freedom to pick a topic and where short posts are accepted.  Those are the easiest sites to make money quickly.

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