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What all money earning programs do you participate? Which technique do you prefer the most? Which money making program has high payment rates as you know?
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My first online payment was earned on a freelance writing gig. Although the money wasn't that much but the review and recommendation was more than enough for me, because without good profile, it is pretty hard to be given jobs by employers as they prefer those freelancers with attractive profile for their projects.

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I started my online about 2 years ago, I started with paid to click sites precisely Clixsence,  the click rate was very low, I became discouraged about the site and also other Ptc sites cos It most like Time wasting. Few months I was introduced to a paid to post forums,postloop, forumwheel and forum coin, I was more active on forum coin so this was the site I recieved my payment which was $5, ever since the forum has exposed me to lots of site that has boosted my earning from $5 monthly to $50 monthly.  After 1 year I later recieved payment from my first online site Clixsense. I choose not live the site cos it was the site that exposed me to other better ways to earn money. Patience is a key in online earnings cos most of the first payment is usually small.
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I started my online earning with Captcha solving and I was to be paid a dollar for 1000 solved captcha but after about 2 days it became very boring and I knew I wouldn't stick around to get my first pay so I.left it.

Search online again for some earning sites that I could work with my limited skill and I came across postloop, a paid to post site, though I have never commented on sites I knew I could do it. Commenting, after all, is about giving one's opinions, so I registered and got approved.

I was still doubting earning online even with some payment proofs because everything can be photoshopped now until I got my first $5 from postloop in my account, that marks my journey to unending online earnings. I'm making money now from many online sites.
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I use Builderall and it has been the easiest to sell due to all the value they provide. very user friendly and provide ALL online marketing tools from making Websites, Webinars, Animated Videos etc + having an Affiliate Program that makes you earn a lot quickly due to their Tier 2 program. 

Regarding techniques, definitely using social media, posting content/value (the Builderall platform provides you with high quality content you can post from poctures to videos)

The Builderall platform provides video tutorials as well so seriously the platform answers all of the questions regarding Affiliate Marketing/Make Money Online and the important questions: HOW through videos

Their Affiliate Program as I mentioned above is one of the BEST, if you know the cosmetic brand Oriflame (you can read about it and how to make money with it to understand) they do the same it's only these two brands that I've seen that do Affiliate Program like this where anybody can get in and make money and get out of the stressful financial struggles.

Here's the 90 Day Strategic Plan to achieve $2000 taught through VIDEOS for FREE by the Marketing Director of Builderall himself

& Here's a picture showing you the potential of Builderall's Affiliate Program (read the sentences and numbers to understand):

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I earned my first payout by answering textbooks on environmental science. At first, I was just answering the questions for fun because it was the same textbook we're using in class. For every question, the site pays $1, and they're not quite strict when it comes to the length of your answers provided that you were able to provide what is asked. Back then, I was able to answer 10 questions straight. Though, I kinda worry as the site pays 4 months after the answer was reviewed. I thought I was being fooled because it was too late. But then it was indeed after a month when I received an email saying that the $10 payment was already transferred to my Paypal account.

However, I got so busy with work and studies that I wasn't able to visit the site again. When I checked it last month, they reduced the payment to $0.50 per question. But still, it was a decent amount of money given that one can easily answer 100 questions in one sitting. And the good news is that, the review and payment is made quite faster than before.

I was very glad to come across that site because it did not only gave me an opportunity to earn but also a chance to review my lessons.

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