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When I was a student I never know about earning online job, I wish I had knew this before but I just discovered this one when I went overseas. I think if you are a student you can do virtual online job and you can do that on fiverr and or you can do selling clothes or shoes or bags online and offline. Most students can do that because they have classmates where they can sell the stuff.

Working online like call center job, or you can do transcribing at transcribe me. You can try also applying at Odesk, Amazon truk if its available in your area, User Testing, Answeree of course, Microworkers, Remotasks, and the like. Working online need really long patients and perseverance because you don't always earn the same. You can do online teaching jobs too.
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Most jobs online are great for students that need some jobs to do by the side but the problem isn't about the jobs but being active is the real deal especially when one needs to get the minimum payout before one get paid.But if you're serious you can try out these jobs .

Paid to post on forums These can be done on  part term basis.just sign up on postloop, forumcoin, forumwheel etc

Paid to chat: You should try sites that one can get paid to chat like Mylot

Complete tasks sites: These sites can be worked on a part basis like microworker, picoworker etc

Take surveys: Do you like to give opinions about things then sign up on survey sites like Mobrog,toluna,etc to  
You can start blogging on side too and update your blog maybe twice to thrice times weekly when you have the time.

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