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By adding new high quality contents on your website on daily basis, it's going to help your site to generate traffic by having visitors to come and check out the contents. 

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There are so many ways to increase web traffic on someone's website, it all depends on what you are willing to do and how far you are ready to take and follow it up until you have the desired traffic that you are looking at getting on your website.
Now, as I already mentioned earlier that there are so many ways to getting traffic for your site, you can pay for traffic and have it flooded to your website but in my experience with webmaster work, it's not always better to pay for traffic, it's a lot better to work on your website on daily basis and generate organic traffic for your online website business. The organic traffic would help your business website to do better on both short term and long term basis.

You can also promote your business website on all the social media sites and have traffic boomed up through it.
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Getting web traffic need one been consistent and active on one's shouldn't be a one time  off thing or one that is done in a hurry. Nothing good ever come easy and getting some amount of organic traffic off the web needs hard work too. If you are determined then you will succeed.

Start with posting very valuable articles on your niche,try to sign up on some social media sites like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram Pinterest etc and almost share all your published posts on all these networks and ask your friends to help share, retweet or repost them for you for wider coverage.
Try to optimize your site to be search engine friendly you can contact a SEO expert to help you out on that.
Don't copy and paste content and edit your work before uploading.

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