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Which among the both is more better? FB page or FB group? I would like to start a troubleshooting site with facebook sign up. Which one do work the most?
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Are they one, or just similar. We have an online site and we build a Facebook Group which we call Page. We have a group chat. I think on works on the other way or both will help you to build your reputation.

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When you plan to advertise a product or a website, I believe creating a Facebook Page is more ideal in this. This enables you to post stuff related to your product or website to share to your subscribers. However, if for example you want to discuss some thoughts, opinions, ideas etc. like in a forum, creating a group is more beneficial in reaching out and engaging with your members. Hope this helps! =)
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Both would work, however from experience I prefer pages as they are more organized and easy to handle.

You can add administrators and have it work the way you need. Plus people will feel more welcomed as accessing a page does not request them to ask permission to get into a group. I personally find groups when you have a page it is easier to advrtise it, you can also provide an instant messaging service (which is perfect for your needs) and so on.
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For me, I prefer FB group because you are going to deal directly to your members as ADMIN. You can control their negative posts against you, if ever there is misunderstanding. Facebook Page needs penny in order to publish it. And it is impossible that you can attract more people into your page, unless you do google ads, which  also need payment. With FB group, aside from controlling, you can also build friendship and a good business relationship.
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If you are wanting to start a new website, I'd suggest that you use Pages on FB. This way you can link your FB pages to your website. Each time you add a new post to your site, it will appear on your pages. On your website when a person subscribes and follows your pages, they will appear on your website as a subscriber to your site. The two are linked together and it makes it so much easier to handle and keep updated.

I find out on some group pages there is a lot of spam and self-promoting on these pages. You want to keep your site clean and keep away from spam. Furthermore, when you set up a page, you'll receive a daily activity long once a week to let you know how your pages are doing, how many visits, how many new subscribers, and how many new topics have been added. They send this to you in an email once a week.
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I suggest you go for Facebook page because its easily monetized unlike Facebook group. The only problem is that getting followers is kind of hard.

With Facebook page you'll be able to post all your products and its only you whose under control and no one else can post in the case of the group where everyone tends to post all kind of links and it will become hard for you to monitor what's being posted in the group.

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