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I am only 16 years old. I would like to participate in this answeree reward program. But for PayPal I need to have 18 years of age. What can I do? Is there any alternative? Please help

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The best option is to have someone older than you create and account and you link it to answeree. There might be other options however they will not be accepted at Answeree, which means you need PayPal in any way.

PayPal is the main method to get money from the web. Plus for you to withdraw from PayPal you will also need a Bank account...which you might not have as an underage person.
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Many sites nowadays will allow people 13 years of age or older work on the site and earn money. However, these sites will require permission from your parents and the PayPal account should be in their name. You'll need to speak with your mom or dad and ask them if they will create a PayPal account for you.

Many children today have a bank account so their parents can add funds to the account and they can use a debit card. If you have one of these banks account your parents can link your PayPal account to your own bank account. that way you can transfer your earnings to your bank account and have access to the money you've earned.
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If you have a trusted friend then you should ask them if they can allow you use their PayPal account to receive cash although you cannot trust anyone 100% when it comes to money matters.

Most of the payment processors out here require one to have attained at least 18 years.I was about to suggest you try bank wire but I realised you must have 18 years.You have no option but to use someone's PayPal account.
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Despite PayPal's ban, there are creative ways tto get your money as a teenage. These are accounts that give you "custodial" control, so you can monitor how you are doing . PayPal uses to offer a PayPal student account, but that service was eventually discontinued. By the way;when you open a PayPal account , you are agreeing to a binding legal contract.

Even though there are other banks and financial institutioins. Paypal still doesn't give opportunity to a teenager to register and even if they do; no matter where you turn to create any online financial account like PayPal.  You're going to need bank to transfer money to and fro.

So I think one if the simplest solution is to create an actual bank account that teens are allowed to use, complete with an actual debit cards, and every other benefit or go for 360 account.

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