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When or at what age would it be considered as an ideal age for a man to get married?

25- 35 years 

35-45 years 

45-55 years 

55 upwards. 

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As far as I am concerned, I don't think there is age bracket for a man to get married. If all things are equal, even as early as twenty years of age, a man can get married. But what I am against is people sucuumbing to pressure from the society, which could be from their parents and relatives as well as friends and colleagues on when to get married. And many guys has fallen for this kind of pressure in getting themselves into marriages that they didn't want to, and the result of such hasty decisions has led to untimely termination of the marriages simply because they were not prepared for the union.

In addition to this pressure aspect, many guys are not ripe to get married. Ripe in the sense that they are not financial buoyant to shoulder the responsibility of putting a woman in the house. Some of them get married and they unable to cater for their wives and kids. Another thing is that some men are not yet mature enough to live with a woman. It takes great sense of maturity for a man to tolerate a woman with all their mysterious antics.

As so, marriage by men shouldn't be based on age. Once they have everything working all together for them in this regard, they can decide to get married at any age. And besides, marriage is not a do or die affair.
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I would say that the age of 35-45 is okay for anyone that is looking at picking a wife. This is the age that you should look at and decide that enough is enough and get a wife. This is the reason men should be doing everything that is legitimat to ensure that they are financially stable and ready to push for it when we are talking about settling down.

No matter how we look at it, you will agree with me that money is essential when we are talking about getting married as I doubt that any lady will feel comfortable marrying someone who is not ready to take good care of their needs. Another thing that I need to say is that it is also good to start planning ahead from the age of 25 when everything is still working fine since it will make the man prepared for the task ahead.
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Personally I will opt for the range of 25 - 35 years as the best age that a man can marry despite the fact that marriage age doesn't not exceed man as such,  the age range of 25 - 35 is very OK because the man will still be very active to perform his duties fully as a husband,  it will enable the man to enjoy his old age effectively because at 30 if he already has 2 kids or one kid he can easily take care of them very well and in  short time and at 60 years he can also become a grand parents

Most of the old people we see today are able to make names because they were married at a very young age and as at then the economy was very good and food were not expensive.

The reason why most people stayed above the age bracket I mentioned is lack financial security which is very.
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Honestly if you asked me, I would tick the entire list of range. The point is every age on that list is old enough and should be mature enough to handle a marriage. Maturity which is very essential and critical to marriage unfortunately doesn't come with age. A man could be 50 and still not be as mentally and psychological fit as a 30 year old would be.

So in my opinion, as long as the man is of legal age, mentally and psychologically stable, financially stable, there's not much to worry about. Also in our society, the men have more time and seem to be able to marry from any group of women regardless of their own age. I think that this is an advantage that men have over women. Most women I come across don't want to wait until over their thirties.
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The age at which a man is suppose to get married in my opinion has to do with personal decision. Marriage isn't like everyday relationships, it comes with a lot responsibilities. Hence, i fell It is only right for a man to decide on marriage when he knows his mentally ready or focused to take on such commitment. Other factors like having a stable and good living condition for starting a family also plays a vital role in the decision to get married. This will mean that age really doesn't matter when it relates to the explanation above. 

Some people choose to get married for the sake of having a life partner, while the majority get married in order to start a family and raise kids. Drawing from this angle and the later reason,  I would say that age has to be put into consideration too. 

We probably all know what hormones are and their significance in our body system. They are mostly responsible for producing essential chemical substances in the body that controls and regulate activities of certain cells and organs. This simply means that both male and female hormones play a vital role in the activities of every day life including the process of reproduction. There's this health quote which says that hormones do not decline because we age, rather we age because hormones begin to decline. 

From the perspective of health and the roles hormones play in our body system as explained above, it will be wise for a man to get married before the age of 40. This is because science has proven facts that most men begin to experience decline in hormone as early as age 30. Decline in hormone will mean loses in every major role hormones play in our body. Hence, In a bid to have a healthy marriage and increase chances of starting a family while being able to physical care for them, it's recommended a man to get married before he starts experiencing any form of hormonal decline.  

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For me it doesn't really matter how age to get married, as long as not in a teenager age. As of my experience, when I was single I always wanted to get married at the age of 25 but, when years coming it will always change. I have to consider a good man to marry with and of course if financial capability allowing us to build a family we wanted. Sometimes you have to choose between to get married or just living as a partner. I started to live in a relationship since I was 26 years old which is an ideal age for me because, I am old enough to learn what's right and what's wrong. I have my first child when I was 27 and second at 29 and got married at 30. I am happy with what age I started my family, I am not too young to start just right. I thought I would be like my mother who married at 18 years old but, I think if it's time for you to get married it will happen.
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Getting married for me both for males and females have never been a thing of age but when one is financially, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually ready. People get matured at different times despite their ages and as such a 30 years old man might still be childish and immature thereby still behaving badly while a 25 years old is already grown up, has the experience and is really to be a good father and husband.

But all things being equal I think a man between the age of 25-35 that has what it takes to be married should give marriage a shot.Those years are ideal enough at least one should be able to tick some great boxes in life about experiences and way of life.

Getting married  is very easy but staying married is the hardest thing and that's not achieve by only age.

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