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Girls have menopause which is the age which they wouldn't be able to convince again.

So, getting married is a timed thing for ladies. 

What age do you see as an ideal age for any girl to get married? 

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The actual age for a lady yo marry actually depend on her tradition, Religion and moral acceptance.In my own religion a Lady is due for marriage once she is attain puberty and begin her monthly stuffstuff. Also in traditional acceptance, a lady is fit for marriage once she have grown the basic things to be called a woman.

But according yo moral acceptance, a woman is fit for marriage once she attain the fully matured age within 18years upward. Also between the age of 18 to 30years a lady is expected to be full matured both mentally and psychological. According to the latest research from medical practitionals, a lady at the age of 30 if not married is risking a lot of chances.

Because menopause ois expected to start in most women from age of 35 to 45 upwards.
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I think hinge on a girl being ready to be committed to a relationship and marriage than the actual age or time thing.We don't get matured psychological, emotional and spiritually the same time so we might not actually want to get married the same time.i look at the society and I see some ladies getting very desperate at a certain age because the society has put an unwritten age bracket for when a woman should be married.For me apart from one's teenage ages,a woman can get married from age 21 to infinity.There shouldn't be a age limit at all to avoid girls getting desperate and getting themselves into wrong hands
Maturity should be the main factor for getting married and not the age factor.Age is nothing in marriage but just a number.
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Marriage is an institution that is built primarily by two people male and female that are legally joined together as husband and wife.
Menopause is a stage in which a woman will not be able conceive again to give birth,  this stage differs in different women, some attain menopause  at the age of 40, 50 or 55years of age but medically it is pegged at the age of 45 years. It is on this note that a woman is advisable to get married at a very young age.
Aside the menopause stage,  when a woman or lady get married between the age of 18 - 25 years she has the higher leverage of giving birth without ceasarian section because the organs are usually very active at these stages.
The level of maturity and adherence to pain is proved to be satisfactorily for a woman that is able to marry between 18 - 25 years.
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There is something that we should always understand and that auntie fact that ladies should not always push for marriage in a desperate way. I understand the case of menopause and how it is going to affect the lady in a lot of ways, but for the sake of truth, we should always be careful when we are talking about what always happens with the man treating the lady like she is nothing all because she pushed for the marriage to happen.

One thing that I will always advise any lady that is around me is not to stop developing in many ways as regards personal development. The right man should always find you as long as you are the type that is understanding and kind. While I think that the lady should get married before they are 30, I don't also think that it is a pressure on them to do so.

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