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Addiction can come in many ways. 

Some people are addicted to listening to music because they play music 24/7.

Are you addicted to listening to music? 

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That is me for you. I can't stay for a day without listening to music. I am so addicted to music that whatever I am doing I can be listening to music. This addiction started when I was much younger. My elder brothers are also music freaks, and I grew up watching them do their thing including listening to music. And before I knew it, I got infected with the habit of listening to music too.

However, this addiction got intensified when I was in secondary school. To make it more interesting, my best friend also happens to be music lover. Our passion for music got to the point that whenever we were going back for holiday, we'll visit CD world, where we'll buy great collections of CDs and go home with them. During the holiday period, we'd listen to music all through forgetting that there's book to read. And after the holiday, we will buy disk man, and sneak it into the hostel and continue listening to music at our leisure time in school.

This attitude hasn't changed a bit up on till date because I still listen to music more than ever before. As for me, music is life because I can imagine my life without listening music. I know this might sound strange to some people, I prefer listening to music than watching television or playing games.
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That is the thing about listening to music. It is so contagious and the fever barely has a cure. Music is also a way of life and part of identity. 
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The reality is that music is life and as we can see, there is always that possibility of listening to music always as long as you are the type that enjoys doing so. I have been playing songs on my home theatre right here and the jams have been a good way for me to enjoy my weekend. You can't really say that it is an addiction since it is one of those ways that you can connect your mind and body in the right manner.

There are also people that don't like to listen to music that often, but in my opinion, I feel that they are those that have not really found out the best ways for them to listen to music as there are genres of music such as blues, reggae and the rest and getting to know which style of songs that fit your mind is one way that you can get to enjoy the good part of it.
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I am not too addicted to listening to music but I like music,  my listening to music is seasonal or timely thing ,  if have a task that will my physical commitment all alone I usually put on music so that I won't be bored while performing the tasks like washing.
I also listen to music keep my self off gossips,  there are some time when people are gathered they tend gossip about other people, if I find me self in such places I fix my ear pieces and listening to music so that I won't distracted.
Whenever I want study probably for a any exams I listen to music so as to get more inspirational because itself is a moral booster.
When I am  bored I also listen to music so that I can be  lively .My level of addiction to music can easily be controlled
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Although I love music a lot, I don't think that I'm addicted to listening to music. Music is more like company and entertainment for me. I love different genres and artist in no particular order. This means that I have a collection of songs that suits my listening.

I can listen to music while on the street, doing chores and basically other things. It loosens the atmosphere. At a point while growing up, I would listen to music until late into the night and even sleep off with my ear piece. Still that's not an addiction and I seldom do that now.

Regardless, music is still a familiar part of my life. This isn't just me alone. It runs through the family. Hence, if you aren't listening to your own music, you'll be listening to someone else's.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 16 67
I don't like the word addiction so I try not to be addicted to anything.i prefer the moderation word instead because it more valuable than addiction. Addiction comes with some negative vibes and I always try my best to avoid it.
I love music like a tonic to my soul.Music helps put me in a better mood if I'm in a really bad place and mood but being addicted to it, definitely a no for me.

I try a lot of things out when I'm bored and I settle for whatever will snap me out of it,it could be playing games,seeing a movie or listening to music anyone will be fine by me but saying it must be a particular thing and without it it can't be another then count me out.

I love music no doubt about that but getting addicted absolutely not, when it isn't putting money in my pocket.
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No not really, I only listen to music when I am bored. When I was single I always listen to music most of the time and it's like my food daily. But, time change and what I have been doing when I was single, I don't do it anymore. To be a good mother is my priority at the moment. My children do love music and I love children's music too. In my free I do sing a karaoke sone with an app. But that's only when I feel like I need music. Its very seldom now for me when it comes to music listening. If I find good musical video on Facebook, I will listen to it, and I don't do that all day. And w don't have radio at home that's the main reason too why we seldom listening to music. We only got television to watch shows and children music video and other educational video especially from Youtube.
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Addiction is an understatement to qualify my love for music, music has Beverly been part of me right from kid. To the extend that I must listen to music to bed. Though as I grow higher, such kind of life became challenging since I needed to concentrate fully with  academic to achieve good result.
I tried to put limit to my addiction and desperate other aspect of life with studies since I observed my self to easily get confused and distracted.

Trust me, no form of addiction is Beverly good to human life especially wwhen you're music Greek. To the poin5 that you can't sleep a night without a sound or music. To an extend, I blame it on my growing up since I didn't even choose music as profession. So I decided to narrow down my music brand to my cultural music.

Why! BecauseBecause I see no reason promoting other culture music while mine is also in need.I  I enjoy my cultural music a lot since I don't even need translation with natural and traditional beats
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answered by VISIONARY (9,071 points) 5 21 51
Music is a part of life and I was very young when I learned how to play the violin. So to me, music has been in my life for a very long time. I just love to put on music and work around the home, in the car when I am driving to calm me down because there are so many idiots on the road where I live, and just to relax. I know everyone loves music and it is just part of life and who we are.

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