Some people can play games from morning till midnight and never gets bored but would still repeat the drills tomorrow. 
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My answer is no, I am not addicted to computer game, but my partner does.

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I have come to understand that playing games is all about passion and desire and this is something that you won't take away from those that do so. I have been in that kind of situation where I had to play game on a console all night with a friend while we got tired the next morning. It was not an easy thing to survive better the next day as I kept feeling dizzy and all that.

However, I have grown to know that there is need for balance in everything that we do as regards fun and doing the things that matters on a daily basis as well. Playing games from morning till night is not going to pay the bills at home and it won't also pay the house rent. So, I see no reason I should be playing any particular game for longer hours at this age as that is not going to make me get better in life.
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I'm a gamer I play all kinds of games  from video,mobile and online games I never get tired of playing them even repeatedly but one thing is that I'm never addicted to playing games because I play them mostly during my leisure and when I'm really bored. I can't be addicted to what can't put money in my pocket so I'm more of a pleasurable player than an addict.

I don't think it good to be a game addict because  it will take away one's valuable time and make one be less active on serious things of life.

Being a game addict can make one turn a gambler, some addicts moved from playing for pleasure to playing for money and this makes one begins not only waste valuable time but also waste resources. I always refused to be addicted to anything though and certainly not games.
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Playing game is a thing I don't ever get tired of since my tender age right from primary school age. I can still remember the popular television game we do play in those day, the game has many options of play including fighting and using robot image to escape death. I enjoy the game to the extend that I rush to the shop to pay and play.

I did that till I got my first phone which was Nokia phone with snake game. I never quenched my addiction for games, I play the game most times till the battery is completely drained. Still it was all fun to me because it relieve me from a lot.

When I got my first laptop, I decided to get game bath or pad as the case might be, I installed many games including football games of different version and years. I play as much as there is charge in the laptop battery.

The laptop got spoiled and I got a sound android phone then, the football games both direct and online never stop.. I love game a lot, though it has side effects since it  makes one reluctant to doing needful
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I used to but not anymore. I was so in love with computer games way back that whenever I am engrossed in it, I can't do anything. It got to a point if I am playing games, I don't used to remember I have not eaten. My passion in playing computer games actually got started when games like Mario, Mortar combat, Nintendo, game boy and game girl was newly introduced to the market. Luckily for me, I had unrestricted access to computer, where I can freely play most of them. This continued not quite too long until I was forced to go to boarding house. On getting there something else took away the passion for game, to the extent that when got back from holiday, I lost interests in playing games. As it's like, I don't have the slightest idea on how to play any contemporary games.

As they say, as we grow, our intial preferences are replaced with new ones we find more suitable to our current set of values.
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I am very addicted to gaming. I even buy a high-end computer just to play a game that requires the latest processor and graphic card to run. I even trying to become a full-time game streamer just to show how much I love gaming.
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Playing games is really similar to sports, but somehow I haven't heard from anyone that sports could be considered an addiction. That's just a matter of perception. I know also that games are considered as a form of escapism but that's just speculations. For example, I love playing cRPGs just to chill and my latest passion is Path of Exile. This game is awesome and I ordered powerleveling from this site, don't see anything wrong about it. It saves me time and grants me joy. You should check it out at your free time too.

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No, I am not addicted to playing games. I find them a waste of time. There are so many other things to do during the day than sitting in front of a tablet, phone or computer screen playing some silly game. I do like board games and like to have fun at night with my family once a week when we make a game night. That is about all the time I like to play a game. 
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No i'm addicted to music and playing real live sports like Football, basketball, baseball and wrestling they are very fun sports to get into and get fit with.
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I was addicted to play games online. But now I came out of it. I used to play Plants Vs Zombies, 2044, Bubble Shooter, Live Car Race, Ludo, PUBG. 
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Yes a lot. You can say that I am a gamer guy, I used to play games a lot in my childhood days. Now also in my teenage I do play games but not much as I used to. 

In my childhood when I used to have holidays, I used to play from morning till evening and then again in night. Used to play a lot of games and have repeated almost all the games many a times. That doesn't sound good but as I loved a lot to play. Currently I play 1-2 games that also for sometime, and when I m tried or my mind needs refreshment then I start to play any old game which makes me feel good. 
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Yes, I like to play games. And I also like to add Apple Music songs to the games for listening. I get the DRmare Audio Converter to keep the songs on my computer. Then I upload them to my games for my entertainment.
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Yes.I am addicted in playing only one game that is cricket.I just start watching cricket from my younger age and now also i am very addicted.I still remember not studing for exam for watching cricket.
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No. I am not addicted to playing the Games. I don't like to play the Game. I organize the event to play the Game. Outdoor Game is good for your physical Health.
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An not addicted to playing  games I prefer to watch a movie rather than play games for so long. Instead, I do play occasionally and on very rare occasions. 
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