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Smartphone cost are increasing on daily basis with iPhone devices among the most expensive smartphone devices in the world.

If you are budgeting for a new smartphone, how much are you willing to spend purchasing a new product? 
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It good to go for a durable phone and such phones ranges from $500 and above. If I have the money will go for phones from that range. 
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I can't afford a brand new smartphone, so I buy second hand but in good condition.

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I am always looking at a budget phone when I am out there trying to get a new device. You will agree with me that you cannot budget more than what you have when you are looking at getting a new phone. The mobile device that is I  using at the moment cost less than $50 and believe me, it has really served me the way that I want since I have not for once taken it to a mobile repairing center for any form of issues.

So, it is always important that we look inside our pocket when we are talking about getting  a new phone. There are other tips that we should put into consideration and one of them is the need for us to go for a device that has got a large Ram capacity as this is what is going to make the device work pretty fine without any form of issues such as hanging and switching off on its own.
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The truth is, I am not the type who is gadgets freak. Even though I have all the money in the world, I will still go for a smartphone that will enable me to perform the basic functions a phone is known for. I am not the type who sees gadgets as asset. I guess the reason for this is because I don't see having expensive smartphone as way of proving to people I've arrived.

From what I have observed, most people like to spend the money they don't have on gadgets just to impress their peers or girlfriend in order to be seen as rich. Some even go as far as going out of their ways by borrowing money they don't have just to buy latest smartphone, and yet they can afford the simple things that make life comfortable.

Lastly, if really I want to budget an amount on smartphone I consider worth my money it shouldn't be more than $500.

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