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You can find vinegar in any grocery store or Supermarket. The brand does not really matter as most products will work well regardless of its price.

Make sure you look at spots such as Walmart, costco, for better prices. You can even find this kind of product at dollar stores.

I am not sure where you are from, but any vinegar will work for you. Do not worry about brands and prices as any vinegar will work.

I have plenty of experience with cleaning :)
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That's true, supermarket sell a lot of vinegar with different brand, any vinegar can do no matter what brand name it made from.
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Vinegar is sold in all major store, supermarkets, and even at convenient stores. I've even seen it sold at gas stations who offer food and other items for people in a hurry.

They do make cleaning products from vinegar, but they are rather expensive and not worth the investment. You can buy the cheapest bottle of white vinegar, in the market and make your own cleaning products at home. Plus white vinegar is great for killing fleas and ticks on animals.

Today people worry about the environment and have started to use white vinegar and baking soda to clean their entire home. This makes an excellent cleaner for your kitchen, bathroom, and floors. I'd suggest just picking up a gallon or two when you find it on sale. You can stock this in your home for several months. However, in warmer climates, once it is opened it can turn a funny smell and you might see small crud floating around inside the bottle or at the bottom of the bottle.

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