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This is another site by answeree.You can ask and answer questions here too. What do you think of the site? 
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I just visited the site a while ago and seems its a new site. And read about the faq section, didn't have any interest about the sites since its more on answering a question. Plus you need 1000 points which equal to $1 way behind here that its worth $10. I am not against the site but less people out there.
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Well,I think if we can combine here and there then better for us.yea,we need 2000 HC to cashout which is $2
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I never heard of it until just now. Upon checking out the website, it seems very new. There is no sign up tab which will make joining it very hard and FAQ's section is not helpful in anyway on how to sign up. May be someday it will better.
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You are to sign up with your Facebook,so just check the site again and sign up with your Facebook.
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There must be another way to sign up other than Facebook, we must have a choice.

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Am not a registered member on howcan but i've checked it out and it's almost a complete duplicate from answeree with just a few differences on the points system.

Howcan is relatively new compared to answeree. I don't think there's upto 10 questions on the site for now. Every operation on the site is almost the same with answeree. The only difference is in the point system as said above. You get 10 points for answering, another 10 points if your answer gets chosen as best, and also 20 points if you answer a question first.

Another major difference on howcan from answeree is that every question is expected to start with How to or How can. There's no limits to number of answers given and 1000 points on howcan is equivalent to $1 unlike answeree. This is basically how much I know about howcan.
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Yea,you're right you just gave a summary of the site.i think we should try to be active on the site just like here,it will give us some extra dollars in our account.
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True. I agree with you. Let's make it happen like we doing here. I think i'll go ahead and register. See ypu on the other side. 

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