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I have joined several affiliate programs. Can I promote my affiliate links here on Answeree.  I prefer short links.
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It is considered to support your answers with related links here on Answeree but not spamming or not allowed in here.

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We are not against affiliate links. But don't put naked links. Instead you may put anchor links in texts in answers assuming answer is relevant to the question. Affiliate links in questions are not allowed.

If you are about to participate in reward program feel free to join. But posting articles with affiliate links may lead to freeze your payouts. You may use an alternate account for sharing affiliate links while using another one for answeree rewards.  Best Regards
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I guess you've gotten the answer from the control room, but I think a user's added experience might add up.

So far it's been great being on Answeree for me. I've answered questions, a lot of them. Some of my answers when necessary, I put links on them, backlinks on words and they came through on the posts. But they weren't affiliate links, most where links to sites with more detailed explanations on points I made in the course of answering some complex questions which needed references.

There was this time I asked a question on a certain subject which prompted replies asking for links to a certain video which was the focal point of the question. I replied with a link to a YouTube video, unfortunately that didn't go through on the post. That was when I realized affiliate links are not allowed on the site, especially when they relate to some other site which needs view or something like that. That was the one time my links didn't go through.

I guess this answers your question, links have to lead to neutral sites in order to go through on Answeree. I respect that rule as it has proven to fault and be abused on other sites like Answeeree which allowed it.
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I think it like unwritten rule in most earning site, they frowns at one inserting affiliate links in their post. And I think it applicable here too though it looks as if theyre not against it but I think it wouldn't work properly when the affiliate link is off point as in it has no relation with either the question asked or the answer given. I don't even see the need of inputting of affiliate links that isn't related because people hardly clicked on it from experience.

It seem answeree allowed an alternate account for sharing affiliate links than using one reward account for both the reward system and sharing of affiliate links,so you can go ahead and do as instructed by the site to avoid being pernalized especially if you really want to earn from the site.

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